'To Have and to Hold': Sneak Peek at Lifetime's Book-to-Screen Summer Movie (PHOTOS)

Rick and Christina Gables

To Have and To Hold centers on Alice (Erika Christensen) who still can't believe her high school crush, the dashing, wealthy and successful Joe (Antonio Cupo), would choose to marry her and she willingly allows him to mold her into his ideal socialite wife. The Jane Green-inspired movie premieres on Saturday, June 22.

Despite Alice's best efforts to be the woman of Joe's dreams, he can't help but be unfaithful to her. When Joe's indiscretions impact his career, Alice's life is further turned upside down.

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The actress co-directs the new movie starring Alyssa Milano, which is based on the Jane Green novel.

Alice unexpectedly finds herself falling for her best friend Emily’s (Carmel Amit) boyfriend Harry (Andy Favreau) and begins to wonder if her fairy tale ending could exist after all.

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To Have and To Hold, Premiere, Saturday, June 22, 8/7c, Lifetime