‘The Walking Dead’s Four Major Communities, In Brief

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan
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The Walking Dead has been throwing a lot of new material at its viewers in the back half of Season 6 and the first few episodes of Season 7. With so many episodes focusing on just a small group of characters, it can be tough to remember all of the pieces that have come into play and to predict how they might start to come together.

With Sunday's episode, TWD introduced viewers to the last of the four major survivor camps, and with that, it seems an appropriate time to compile a quick and dirty guide to each of the communities, including leaders, important characters currently in residence, and community strengths and weaknesses

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Rick and Carl in Alexandria
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Current Leader: Rick

Key Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Spencer, Gabriel, Heath (?), Enid (?)

Alexandria has been the main hub for The Walking Dead’s lead characters for a while now. Rick’s group has settled in and taken charge while the zombie herds have taken care of thinning out a few of the less essential characters in the community. Any resistance to Negan’s reign of terror will likely begin with the experienced fighters who have made Alexandria’s reinforced walls their home.
The Hilltop Community
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Current Leader: Gregory

Key Characters: Maggie, Sasha, Jesus

The Hilltop, introduced in Season 6 as Jesus’s home, was the first of the current Walking Dead communities, outside of Alexandria, to appear on the show. It was Hilltop’s leader, Gregory, who got Rick and his gang involved with the villainous Saviors in the first place, offering a trade deal in exchange for help defeating Negan.

Gregory is far from the strongest or most inspiring leader, but he’s managed to keep the peace in Hilltop for the most part, aside from an attempt on his life last season. The Hilltop’s strengths include organized trade and an experienced doctor, who will be invaluable to pregnant and ailing Maggie and likely many others now that Denise is dead, but the community lacks experienced fighters, aside from Jesus.

The Kingdom

Current Leader: Ezekiel

Key Characters: Morgan, Carol, Benjamin, Richard, Shiva

The Kingdom, as Carol is quick to note, seems too good to be true. Led by intentionally over-the-top community theater actor Ezekiel, The Kingdom, on the surface, seems to be an idyllic community with a flourishing agricultural scene where kind and caring people work together to “replenish the well.”

But it’s not long before the threat of the Saviors rears its ugly head. Richard, who in the comics held the title of head of security in The Kingdom, seems eager to fight, but Ezekiel and the other members of the community seem content to give Negan his due. The Kingdom is a welcome beam of optimistic sunshine in what has so far been a grim season, and characters like Ezekiel and Benjamin could be exactly what Carol and Morgan need to pull out of the funk they’ve been in, but it’s unrealistic to believe that the good times can continue for long.
Austin Amelio as Dwight
Gene Page/ AMC

Savior Compound (The Sanctuary)

Current Leader: Negan

Key Characters: Daryl, Dwight, Sherry

Negan’s iron-fisted rule over his group of heavily armed Saviors is his greatest strength, but also, as viewers began to see in episode 3 of Season 7, potentially his greatest weakness. In the points-based compound (referred to as The Sanctuary in the comics) guarded by a ring of walkers on stakes, the seeds of dissent have been sown. Dwight and Sherry’s stories show that the Saviors aren’t all completely evil, and some, like the guy Dwight tracked down, have had all they can stand of Negan’s authoritarianism.

Despite a less-than-friendly atmosphere, however, the Saviors are the largest and best armed of the survivor groups, which has allowed Negan to subjugate all three of the other communities. Also, with Daryl in custody, it will be difficult for the other groups to mount any sort of resistance to the Saviors without endangering his life.
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