‘The Gifted’ Canceled at Fox — 12 Questions the Series Left Hanging (PHOTOS)

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Eliza Morse/FOX
Eliza Morse/FOX

What Happened to Blink?

At the end of Season 2, Episode 14, the Purifiers shot Blink, and she fell through a portal. No one knew what happened to her, and she was presumed dead.

However, two episodes later, she was back, with a new look, and she had clearly had the time to master her powers. She no longer struggled to open or maintain portals; she even had some sort of device that she used. How long had she been wherever she was?

“She’s manipulating dimensions, traveling via these portals,” creator Matt Nix told TVLine. “When she gets shot and falls into that maelstrom of portal energy, she is in the spaces in between things. And that is a place that is sort of ‘out of time.'”

Was it in that place that she became the Blink she was when she returned to the others, or was that just the first step of her journey?

Eliza Morse/FOX

Where (or When) Does That Portal Lead?

“The idea there is that she’s been taken to new places and seen new possibilities,” Nix said to TVLine.

Those “new possibilities” could include a world where mutants aren’t as hated, which may explain the new look. Maybe Blink was able to fully embrace who she is as a mutant without having to even think about hiding it for her safety.


Will Everyone Go Through the Portal?

While John/Thunderbird (Blair Redford) is likely to follow Blink wherever she goes now that he has her back, the same might not be true for the others.

Marcos/Eclipse (Sean Teale) and Lorna/Polaris (Emma Dumont) have their daughter to consider.

Erg (Michael Luwoye) may not feel like he can just leave after his numbers were decimated and there’s still a threat of a mutant uprising, not to mention humans who still hate mutants.

The Struckers just lost Reed, so they may be more apt to jump through the portal — but will the family be separated again?

Esme (Skyler Samuels) may also be ready to leave behind this world for what’s through that portal, given that she turned on and lost her sisters.


How Will Lauren and Andy Deal With Bringing Down Sentinel Services Headquarters?

The Frost sisters forced Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) to combine their powers to bring down the headquarters of the Sentinel Services.

Though it wasn’t their fault, they’re still going to have to deal with what that means — and how that may affect them using their powers going forward.

Annette Brown/FOX

How Will Esme Deal With Going Against Her Sisters?

Her sisters may have been evil, but they were still her sisters, and the fact that she turned on them — and they died — is likely going to weigh on her moving forward.

Eliza Morse/FOX

What’s Coming from Marcos and Lorna’s daughter?

Dawn may just be a baby, but as the daughter of two powerful mutants, she will likely grow up to be powerful herself.

It would take multiple seasons to see her grow (without a time jump), but that’s something that we would like to see explored, since we’ve seen teenagers Lauren and Andy and adult Reed come into their powers.

Guy D'Alema/FOX

How Will Everyone Deal With Blink’s Return?

She’s changed. They’ve changed. Can she and John find a way back to each other? Can she fit in with the others again, or can they fit into whatever group she’s now part of?

Steve Dietl/FOX

Will There Be Any Lingering Animosity Over Lorna and Andy Choosing The Inner Circle?

Though they were back fighting with their families and the Mutant Underground to take down Reeva, they did choose to leave the others behind. Has everyone really moved on from that?

Annette Brown/FOX

Will the World Ever Accept Mutants?

Could that be where Blink was taking them, to a world that has? Right now, that’s just a nice dream that they would all like to see, but the more that happens, the more unlikely it seems it will ever happen in the world that The Gifted has established.

Eliza Morse/FOX

Will Jace Change Sides?

Though he’s been strictly against mutants ever since losing his daughter because of them, Jace (Coby Bell) has had his moments, primarily because he’s against killing kids. He’s never been on the mutants’ side, but could that change moving forward?

Eliza Morse/FOX

How Serious of a Threat Does the Mutant Uprising Remain?

Erg told the others in the Season 2 finale that even with Reeva gone, the mutant uprising she sparked was still a threat. He wanted them to help, and Caitlin (Amy Acker) said they’d make a new Mutant Underground.

Is that something we would have seen moving forward, or would that depend on who goes through the portal and where it takes them? Could there already be a new Mutant Underground in place?

Steve Dietl/FOX

What’s the Next Threat?

And how will it compare to previous ones? They’ve fought humans. They’ve fought another mutant faction with a different perspective on how the world should be.

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And they all went through Blink’s (Jamie Chung) portal to … nowhere?

Fox canceled The Gifted after two seasons — and a Season 2 finale cliffhanger that left fans eager for more.

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The Mutant Underground lost one of its members, Reed (Stephen Moyer), when he sacrificed himself to stop Reeva (Grace Byers) and The Inner Circle for good. But they also got one of their own back, when Blink came through one of her portals in the final scene.

“Something’s happened,” she told everyone. “I need you all to come with me. There’s something you need to see.” Then, she easily opened another portal and went through it.

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