The ‘Scandal’ Cast Shares Their Biggest Jaw-Droppers From the Series

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ABC/Bob D’Amico

Bellamy Young (President Mellie Grant)

“Pressing the Flesh” (Season 7, Episode 2)
“Mellie’s speech ‘There’s a famine in my lady bits’ stopped me cold when I first read it. The next words were about my beautiful vagina being welcoming but being treated like a murder house! I thought, ‘My mother watches this show!’ Everyone was delighted. I was mortified. Tony was directing, so it was fun to make him uncomfortable too.”


Joe Morton (Rowan, aka Eli Pope)

“The People v. Olivia Pope” (Season 7, Episode 10)
“When I read I was going to be singing and dancing to Britney Spears’s ‘…Baby, One More Time’ with Quinn and the baby, that made my jaw drop. I thought, ‘Oh, this is gonna be very, very interesting.’ Debbie Allen helped with choreography. The lyrics were in the script, but I didn’t know the melody, so Katie sang it to me. The scene was so out of character. I howled with laughter.”


Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant)

“The Price of Free and Fair Elections” (Season 3, Episode 18)
“When they killed Fitz’s son Jerry (Dylan Minnette), I was speechless. I loved that Shonda went there but hated having to process it. It was funny, though, when we shot the scene where Fitz collapses in grief. I really went for it. Director Tom Verica gently reminded me that Shonda would want me to feel my pain—but her POTUS doesn’t cry!”


Guillermo Diaz (Huck)

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President” (Season 2, Episode 8)
“Was Huck the one who shot Fitz? I was supershocked and exhilarated when I read that everyone thought he had done it! The hashtag #WhatTheHuck was created because of that episode. What I remember most is learning how to disassemble and reassemble a rifle very quickly. I just kept doing it over and over with the help of our awesome prop masters.”


Jeff Perry (Vice President Cyrus Beene)

“Nobody Likes Babies” (Season 2, Episode 13)
Perry’s top I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened moment never made it to air: “Cy and [his first husband] James (Dan Bucatinsky) strip, fight and Cy spills the beans [about fixing the election]. During one take, the costume piece hiding my ‘family jewels’ fell off! Dan still gets a great kick out of the fact that I had no idea. I was so desperately focused on remembering my lines.”


Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins)

“White Hat’s Back On” (Season 2, Episode 22)
“It never occurred to me that Rowan could be Olivia Pope’s father! The cast started screaming when we read that she gets into a limo, sees him and says, ‘Dad?’ I remember it like it was yesterday: I began running laps around the table. Everyone was pointing at Joe Morton. Even Kerry didn’t know that the head of the CIA’s B613 was going to be Papa Pope.”

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Nobody but God, creator Shonda Rhimes, and her cast and crew know how Scandal will end its seven-year run. (Katie Lowes, who plays gladiator Quinn, will only let slip that “fans will feel both contentment and sadness.”)

Whatever happens, in years to come as we sip red wine and flash back on the series’ D.C.-set high melodrama, we’ll remember indomitable spinmeister Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)… beating a villainous ex-VP to death with a chair, fighting terrorists holding her hostage and taunting true love President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) with “If you want me, earn me!”

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