A Whitly Family Reunion & 6 More Crazy Moments Coming on ‘Prodigal Son’ (VIDEO)

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Prodigal Son Whitly Family Reunion Ending Season 1
Prodigal Son Nicholas Endicott Visiting Martin

Nicholas Endicott visiting Martin ... with wine?

Mulroney did tease that he had “great” and “fantastic” scenes coming up with Sheen’s character. “I know the audience will find them satisfying and still intriguing. There are many story twists to come,” he said.

Prodigal Son Jessica Malcolm Ainsley Visit Martin

A Whitly family reunion at Claremont

We’ve seen Malcolm, Jessica, and Ainsley all visit Martin at one point or another throughout the season, and we’re going to see the entire family together. What’s in the file in Ainsley’s hand? Could it be something about Nicholas Endicott? Could he be to whom Martin is referring when he warns, “it takes a special kind of monster to turn someone else into one.” After all, “monster” is the exact word that Sophie used to describe him.

“You’ll soon find that the paths of the Whitlys and Nicholas Endicott go way back,” Mulroney previewed. “A bargain was struck that many of the people’s lives are still being affected by. Soon enough, you’ll see that Endicott and Martin Whitly have an arrangement.”

Prodigal Son Malcolm Profiles Killer

The NYPD is after an assassin

In one of the episodes, the NYPD will be looking for, according to Malcolm, “a killer who doesn’t kill.” He’s wearing the same tie when he says they’re looking for an assassin. (This comes after Edrisa says their victim drowned, but it wasn’t a suicide.)

Prodigal Son Jessica Gil Kiss

Jessica and Gil kiss?!

Showrunner Chris Fedak previously pointed out that Bellamy Young and Lou Diamond Phillips have chemistry, and it looks like they’re capitalizing on that with what is sure to be an emotional scene — even without the kiss! “We love the Bellamy-Lou dynamic and the water under the bridge vibe that’s playing out there,” he said. “It’s something we’re looking to explore and there’s a tension to it because Gil is the hardened cop from a totally different world than Jessica, and Jessica’s thing’s closer to a vendetta.”

We saw how much Gil did not like Nicholas from the moment that he saw him at Jessica’s side in Episode 18, and fans can expect more from the two men going forward. “When Lou and I have confrontations, it also goes really deep, and you’ll see that that storyline begins to develop and cross with Jessica, naturally,” Mulroney said.

Prodigal Son Nicholas Endicott Ainsley Whitly

Ainsley vs. Nicholas?

Ainsley turns around at a bar before joining Nicholas at a table, and he has questions about her spying on him. She already looked into Malcolm’s girlfriend Eve earlier this season; is she just looking into Nicholas as someone in her mother’s life or is the family already suspicious about Endicott? Either way, she should probably be very careful.

“Ainsley, as you know, is a really rigorous investigative reporter, so she’s on the case, too,” Mulroney shard. “You’ll definitely see a power play, even between the two of them.”

Prodigal Son Malcolm Stabs Case

Malcolm's doing something crazy during a case again

In the pilot, he chopped off a guy’s hand to free him from a bomb. Eighteen episodes later, nothing’s changed. This time, it looks like he may be stabbing someone (again), but note the ketchup bottle in his hand. It doesn’t look like he’s going to spilling any blood this time.

Prodigal Son Martin Kills Claremont

Is Martin about to add to his body count?

“This is for my son,” he declares. Is Malcolm trying to stop him here or is that from another scene?

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The next new episode of Prodigal Son may not be for three weeks, but fortunately, fans don’t have to wait that long for an extended peek at what’s to come.

Fox released a preview of the final two episodes of the season, beginning Monday, April 20, and there are plenty of twists and turns to come. As we just learned, Nicholas Endicott (Dermot Mulroney), who just reappeared in Jessica’s (Bellamy Young) life, may not be as charming as he appears; the girl in the box, Sophie, had warned Martin (Michael Sheen) when he’d kidnapped her that the billionaire was “a monster.”

Watch the promo below and click through the gallery above for a breakdown of the major moments still to come.

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