Nick Viall & More Alums Share Theories for Peter’s ‘Bachelor’ Finale (PHOTOS)

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Nick Viall

Nick knows what goes into being The Bachelor, and though he doesn’t know what happens at the end of Peter’s season, his theory is quite interesting.

“Unspoiled prediction: Peter sends home [Victoria F.] because .. finally sex. Maddi leaves on her own.. because sex. Peter is devastated, Peter regroups, realizing [Hannah Ann] is his person. Right before proposing to H.A, Maddi comes back. Peter is confused. Like many before us, confusing something that doesn’t fit with fighting for love,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday, February 24.

“H.A is like WTF.. I feel like a backup plan. Threatens to leave. Kind of leaves…Evens playing field..Peter sends home Maddi. Mom tells Pete to bring back H.A. He does. Peter is with H.A. Peter is confused again.”


Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Nicole, who was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, not only predicted how Peter’s season ends, but she also predicted who will be the next Bachelorette.

“Hannah B comes back, confuses Pete. Madi leaves. He chases after her. Kelsey goes back to reality (Welcome)! Hannah Ann becomes Hannah G 2.0 but also Bachelorette. Madi and Pete cover People Mag. Victoria becomes Corinne 2.0 but w no tag lines to sell,” she wrote on Twitter.


Kaitlyn Bristowe

The former Bachelorette star made her own predicition on her Off the Vine podcast, saying, “My prediction is still that he ends up with Hannah B.”


Jason Tartick

The former Bachelorette star made a bet while on the Off the Vine podcast, and it’s certainly out of left field. “I’m going to bet, let’s say $100, that he’s not engaged and I’m going to say single. Something doesn’t work out. I don’t know, because I think the only way it can be unspoiled is if he’s single.”


Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley shared her big prediction for how Peter’s season is going to end with Hollywood Life, saying, “I think the only one [left] who is strong enough to be longterm with Peter is Madison. But I have a feeling that Madison leaves! Because you know how, at the end of the series, we’ve been teased [in previews] that Chris Harrison comes up to Peter and says, ‘We just found something out blah blah blah.’? I’m pretty sure he just found out that Madison wanted to go.”

She continued, “So I think he’s going to have to win Madison back somehow. I think in the off-season. It’s a theory that’s not very hard to come up with, if you really watch the teaser in depth.”


Ben Higgins

Ben revealed he thinks Madison is going to win it all during an episode of his Almost Famous podcast. “Madison would be the only one that I would say, ‘This seems like a good shot,’” he shared.

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Bachelor fans are eagerly waiting to see how Peter Weber’s dramatic Season 24 finale unfolds, but they aren’t the only ones who have predictions on how this whole thing ends.

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In fact, much of Bachelor Nation is weighing in on whether they think Pilot Pete ends up with Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Hannah Brown, his producer, or no one at all.

Check out the gallery above to see what former Bachelor star Nick Viall and other franchise alums think is going to happen at the end of the season.

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