Parenting Is a Challenge in Fox’s New Comedy ‘Outmatched’ (PHOTOS)

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Jason Biggs, Maggie Lawson, Connor Kalopsis and Ashley Boetcher

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Jack Stanton

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Tisha Campbell and Maggie Lawson

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Maggie Lawson and Ashley Boettcher

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Finesse Mitchell and Jason Biggs

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Oakley Bull, Connor Kalopsis and Jack Stanton

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Jason Biggs, Oakley Bull, Jack Stanton and Maggie Lawson

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Jason Biggs, Maggie Lawson and Connor Kalopsis

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Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson

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Maggie Lawson

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For most parents, parenting is hard. But for Outmatched‘s Kay (Maggie Lawson), a caustic, take-no-prisoners casino pit boss, and husband Mike (Jason Biggs), a handyman and uncultivated guy’s guy, parenting may as well be advanced calculus. The new Fox family comedy focuses on a blue-collar couple in Atlantic City trying to raise four kids, three of whom just happen to be certified geniuses.

Dealing with the demands and egos of three high-IQ children would be tricky for any parent, but it’s especially hazardous for two working stiffs who barely got through high school. Mike and Kay are committed to bringing some normalcy to their kids’ hectic, unconventional childhoods, but these geniuses don’t make it easy.

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Leading the charge is Brian (Connor Kalopsis), a condescending and pretentious 16-year-old math whiz, who thinks he already knows more about the world than Mike and Kay ever will, even though he’s never actually been out of New Jersey. His 15-year-old sister, Nicole (Ashley Boettcher), is a deceptive and fiercely competitive language prodigy who can manipulate her parents into getting anything she wants.

The youngest and most recently anointed child prodigy is Marc (Jack Stanton), a 10-year-old music savant. Introverted and idiosyncratic, he just wants everyone to leave him alone, so he can become the next Beethoven in peace. The only child not driving their parents crazy is eight-year-old Leila (Oakley Bull), who is decidedly not a genius. In fact, she might be kind of dumb. She’s the only kid Mike and Kay even remotely understand. Additionally, the couple’s childhood friends, Rita (Tisha Campbell) and Irwin (Finesse Mitchell), provide a sounding board for their daily parenting struggles.

The series takes an honest and heightened look at every parent’s worst fear – that they’re “ruining” their kids. When you have children with the type of gifts that can change the world, the pressure is really on. Raise them right, and these kids could cure cancer, stop global warming or invent time travel. But screw it up, and you could unleash three new super villains into the universe.

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Outmatched, Premiere, Thursday, January 23, 8:30/7:30c, Fox