6 Better Ways to Watch Your Favorites on TV (PHOTOS)

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Vizio; Philips; LG

1. Vizio P-Series Quantum X

Bezel-less (meaning its frame is super thin) and beautifully compact, P-series Quantum X televisions dazzle with enhanced color and contrast. The IQ processor inside upscales HD and Full HD content into 4K Ultra HD. Translation: Picture quality will be amazing. Available in 65-inch ($1,500) and 75-inch versions ($2,200).



OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology is an important, if pricey, upgrade to 4K screens that enriches the view. In layman’s terms, OLED creates a blacker black and purer white onscreen, leading to greater contrast and brightness. This tech will be available in a more affordable 48-inch version to go with current models ranging from 55 ($1,400) to 77 inches ($10,000).


3. Philips 4-Device Universal Companion Remote with Flip & Slide Cradle

Changing channels is easy — decluttering your coffee table isn’t. This remote changes that with a patent-pending design combining TV, cable, DVD, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku controls ($19.99).

Viewsonic Corp.

4. ViewSonic X1000-4K LED Home Theater Projector

Small size equals big stature in this ultrasleek projector that produces a high-def picture of astounding quality. Depending on how far you place it from a display surface, it can project images up to 120 inches (measured diagonally, like a TV screen), all in glorious 4K. A smart TV interface and Harman Kardon sound bar are included. ($2,799)


5. LG Sound Bar SN9YG

This CES Innovation Awards honoree has Google Assistant voice control built in, so just say the word and it’ll change the mix. (It also connects to other LG smart devices.) Plus, the sound bar can sense the acoustics of the room and adjust for superior playback. The immersive 3-D audio provides a real cinematic experience. Sound good? You bet! (Price to be announced)

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Each January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas lets TV fans dream big (77-inch screen size, anyone?) about the coolest new tech toys destined to change the way they experience television.

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We can peek at the latest innovations in sound and image, gaming and robots, remotes and tablets — most of which carry an out-of-this-world price tag. But here’s the good news: CES always heralds products that, soon enough, will be affordable for the average consumer. So get set to clear some space in your den for fun gadgets such as these.

Click through the gallery above for a peek at some of the latest tech to make your watching experience even better.