9 Things We Need to Know After the ‘NCIS: LA’ Season 10 Finale (PHOTOS)

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False Flag
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Eric and Nell’s future

In the latter part of Season 10, the couple was strongly considering moving to San Francisco. Nell (Renée Felice Smith) could be by her mother’s side as she was treated for her coronary heart disease, and Eric (Barrett Foa) had been offered a job. But they were just as dedicated to their jobs and teammates (and friends) as ever, and both struggled with leaving in the middle of cases. How will that storyline resolve itself? It may all depend on …

NCISLA S11 Nell mother

Will Nell’s mother survive?

Nell’s mother’s health had worsened in the final episodes of the season, with Eric joining his girlfriend in San Francisco in the finale. Is Nell about to lose her mother?

Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange in NCIS: Los Angeles - 'False Flag'
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What role will Hetty play at OSP in Season 11?

After being absent for most of the season, Hetty (Linda Hunt) made a grand entrance for Kensi and Deeks’ wedding and was back at OSP for the end of the season. However, they didn’t really address what her future will be at NCIS, and we saw others like John Rogers taking on a similar role she’s played in the past. Will we see things — and Hetty — return to normal in Season 11, with her officially back and working as Operations Manager in the same capacity she has in the past?

NCISLA S11 Sabatino

Will Sabatino survive?

Sometimes we’re surprised Sabatino (Erik Palladino) has survived this long, but then again, he does have a tendency to make it out of tough situations (and handcuffs). He was with Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) when they came under fire from an ISIS platoon in the desert in Iraq. We expect that to continue because it wouldn’t be the same without him popping up every so often, even if we never know how much we can trust him, but you never know. We could also see his fate being up in the air; Kensi and Deeks could think he’s killed or at least is MIA, only to find out later on that he survived.

False Flag
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Harm and Mac’s romantic future

There wasn’t much time to address their personal relationship other than in Hetty and Mac’s conversation above, but we did find out their romance didn’t last and they hadn’t even seen each other in nine years. Will Season 11 offer hope for their future or at least see them in the same room?

NCISLA S11 Harm Mac
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Are Harm and Mac coming back?

We can assume that the JAG reunion will continue in the premiere, given how the finale ended, but we don’t know if they’ll return for more than one episode or if they might show up later in the season.

NCISLA S11 Deeks Kensi

Are Deeks and Kensi going to get out of Iraq uninjured?

They, Sabatino, and SEAL Chief Wallace were under attack from ISIS in the middle of the desert as the finale ended. We’re certain they’ll survive, but Kensi and Deeks have both been seriously injured on international missions in the past, her in Syria and him in Mexico, but will history repeat itself?

NCISLA S11 defector

Will Kensi and Deeks find the journalist and defector?

As Sabatino explained, a French journalist found a Chechen ISIS defector with evidence of ISIS’ plans, and her producer was trying to get them out of Iraq. They escaped from a hit team, but their current whereabouts are unknown. Will Kensi and Deeks be able to find them — assuming they’re alive — and get the proof into the right hands to end this conflict?

NCISLA S11 missiles

Will the missiles reach their targets?

ISIS launched missiles from Iran into Israel and Saudi Arabia as part of false-flag operation to turn the region into a war zone. It wouldn’t matter that it was all made up if the missiles launched and Israel and Saudi Arabia retaliated. The finale ended with the first missile seven minutes out from its target. Will the team find a way to stop it or at least prevent a war?

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Over 10 seasons, NCIS: Los Angeles has shown it knows how to do a season-ending cliffhanger, whether it’s leaving team members’ lives in the balance or potentially starting a war, and it did just that yet again in May with “False Flag.”

JAG‘s Harm (David James Elliott) and Mac (Catherine Bell) joined the L.A. team for a case that led to Chechen spies on board the USS Allegiance, Russian ties, and missile launches that could lead to a war. Oh, and two of the team was under fire in Iraq with no help in sight.

Click through the gallery above for all the loose threads we need tied up neatly in bows when the CBS drama returns in the fall, from least to most pressing.

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