12 Questions We Have for the ‘NCIS’ Shows in 2020 (PHOTOS)

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Past, Present & Future
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NCIS: Will we see Tony and Ziva’s reunion on-screen?

As we learned in the fall finale, Tony and Ziva have seen each other, albeit in a limited capacity, since her “death.” But now that the threat of Sahar has really been taken care of, will we see Ziva reunite with her family in the January 7 return?

Lost Time
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NCIS: How worried should we be about Gibbs’ mental state?

In order to save Ziva, Gibbs repaid the favor and shot a threat from the top of the stairs. In this case, it was Sahar, who’d been posing as his neighbor, Sarah. But what that will do to his psyche, especially when it comes to her son, Phineas, is up in the air. He’s been through so much that he could very well reach his breaking point.

No Vacancy
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NCIS: Will Bishop and Torres stop dancing around each other?

The comparisons to Tony and Ziva have been there for some time, and we even had Ziva call out Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) on his personal feelings in her return earlier in the season. There’s the matter of the letter he presumably wrote to Bishop (Emily Wickersham) under hypnosis, not to mention that awkward double date that ended both their relationships.

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NCIS: Will we find out what’s going on with Emily Fornell and what took Gibbs away from the office in “Musical Chairs”?

The series seems to be setting up focus returning to the counterfeit opioids case, especially considering Gibbs left work to presumably help Fornell with his daughter. But there was clearly more to the story, so we have to wonder just what’s going on.

Yellow Jack
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NCIS: LA: Will Kensi and Deeks have a baby?

As the fall finale revealed, the couple has been trying to have a baby for a few months, and now Kensi’s (Daniela Ruah) worried. We’re seeing how much both of them want to have a baby, but is that in the cards for them, or will they have to start thinking about adoption, something neither is quite ready to do?

Kill Beale Vol. 1
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NCIS: LA: Is Hetty retiring soon?

That’s what everyone is wondering, both on and off-screen. The team has noticed that she’s coming into work late, leaving early, and working from home more and more. Though it’s seemed like her retirement is more an “eventually” than anything else, that may be changing.

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NCIS: LA: Will Sam’s vision of the team come to pass?

Sam’s (LL Cool J) already planned the team’s future without Hetty (Linda Hunt): Callen (Chris O’Donnell) takes over, they train younger agents in their ways, and they turn OSP “into the best it’s ever been.” Is that something we could see in Season 11?

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NCIS: LA: What’s in store for Eric and Nell’s relationship?

Between Eric’s (Barrett Foa) undercover mission and Nell’s (Renee Felice Smith) family, their relationship took a backseat — and she noted that neither really cared that he even moved out. Instead, she suggested they keep things simple and forget about labels, hanging out when both are in L.A. How long can that realistically last?

NCIS NOLA 610 man in red suit

NCIS: New Orleans: Who is the man in the red suit?

Pride’s been having this recurring nightmare of a man in a red suit this season, and he and Loretta (CCH Pounder) initially chalked it up to his being drugged when he was captured. However, following his final encounter with Lasalle’s killer, Eddie Barrett (Eddie Cahill), he dreamed of the man again, only this time he saw him clearly and in his apartment. What is the man trying to tell Pride?

Sam Lothridge/CBS

NCIS: New Orleans: How worried should we be about Pride’s mental state?

We’ve been worried about Pride all season, especially taking into account his nightmares. Then there’s the fact that we don’t know quite what happened between him and Eddie in the killer’s final moments; is it possible that Eddie hadn’t been reaching for his gun but Pride worried about the threat to Rita and Laurel? If so, what could that do to Pride going forward?

Sam Lothridge/CBS

NCIS: New Orleans: Who will be Lasalle’s replacement?

We may not be ready for it, and the team may not be, either, but there is going to be someone new coming on. After all, Lasalle may not be the only member they lose…

Matthew 5:9
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NCIS: New Orleans: Will Sebastian join REACT?

In Lasalle’s final episode, we saw a flashback of him encouraging Sebastian (Rob Kerkovich) to join and helping him train for REACT. Is that in Sebastian’s future?

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The cases of the week aren’t the only things that need solving over on the NCIS shows. All three left us with questions about our favorite crime-solvers we’re hoping get answered in the 2020 episodes.

NCIS ended its fall 2019 run with Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) latest return, which provided answers about how much Tony (Michael Weatherly) knows. However, the events of the hour are sure to effect Gibbs (Mark Harmon) greatly moving forward, and there are still loose ends from previous episodes to consider.

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The fall finale for NCIS: Los Angeles was much more character-based than its episodes usually are, but it did leave us wondering about the futures of the team, its members, and its fearless leader.

And NCIS: New Orleans saw Pride (Scott Bakula) get the man who’d killed Lasalle (Lucas Black), but his recurring nightmare returned, leaving us to wonder what it means for him going forward.

Click through the gallery to see what we need to see addressed in the next set of episodes of each of our favorite NCIS shows.

NCIS: Los Angeles, Sunday, January 5, 9/8c, CBS

NCIS, Tuesday, January 7, 8/7c, CBS

NCIS: New Orleans, Sunday, February 16, 10/9c, CBS