What to Stream for National Love Your Pet Day (PHOTOS)

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Amazon Prime Video; CBC Television; Netflix
The Lion In Your Living Room Streaming Amazon Prime Video
CBC Television

The Lion In Your Living Room

Ever wondered which traits your precious little ball of fluff got from its ferocious relatives? This documentary gives you an inside look at why and how our feline friends have changed to fit their house cat lifestyle. You’re sure to feel closer than ever to your kitty!

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

Dogs on the Job Streaming Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Dogs on the Job

Sure, our canine companions are great to cuddle or play with in the yard, but that’s not all they can do. This docuseries follows the history of how man’s best friend has also become his biggest helper. The pups are true professionals, no matter how cute they might look.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

Cats The Mewvie Streaming Netflix


There’s one thing we all know for sure: the internet loves cats. From cat memes to cat influencers, some of the internet’s earliest (and to this day most popular) content has our feline friends to thank. Take a journey back through the history of the internet’s love affair with our favorite pointy-eared balls of fur.

Where to stream: Netflix

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit Streaming Netflix
Markham Street Films

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

These felines are ready to work their tails off — for the judges, that is. Get an inside look at the lives of these pretty kitties and their owners who have their eyes on the prize. Be sure to watch out, though: the competition is fierce!

Where to stream: Netflix

Benji Updated Movie Streaming Netflix

Benji (2018)

In the 2018 version of this classic tale, siblings Carter (Gabriel Bateman) and Frankie Hughes (Darby Camp) bring home a lovable stray, much to their mother’s (Kiele Sanchez) chagrin. In the end, no one is immune to Benji’s charm, and the adorable mutt wiggles his way into the Hughes’ home and hearts.

Where to stream: Netflix

Dogs Docuseries Netflix Streaming


In this Netflix original docuseries, six special stories highlight the huge impact these pups have on the lives of the humans around them. From service dogs for children with disabilities to free-range shelter dogs in Costa Rica, these tail-wagging tales are sure to pull at your heartstrings. And keep an eye out for the upcoming second season!

Where to stream: Netflix

Puppy Bowl XV Animal Planet Streaming Hulu
Animal Planet

Puppy Bowl XV

For those of you who prefer fluff over football, you may already be aware of the glory of the annual Puppy Bowl every Super Bowl Sunday. The good news is you don’t have to wait for next football season to watch these cuties play “ruff” and tumble for their trophy! (And if one Puppy Bowl isn’t enough, be sure to watch Puppy Bowl XIV, too.)

Where to stream: Hulu

Dog Days Vanessa Hudgens Jon Bass Streaming Hulu
LD Entertainment

Dog Days

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but are they also their best wingman? Watch these adorable pups lead their humans to their true loves in the cutest romcom ever!

Where to stream: Hulu

America's Cutest Animal Planet Streaming Hulu
Animal Planet

America’s Cutest

Ever wanted all of the internet’s cutest cat videos in one place? If so, your dream has come true with this adorable series. Complete with celebrity commentators and rankings based on cuteness, this show will keep you busy saying “aww!” for hours.

Where to stream: Hulu

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We all love our furry friends, and what better way to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with them than cuddling up on the couch? We can guarantee these streaming favorites are the cat’s meow!

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In the mood for some fierce competition? Or maybe a heartwarming true story is more your style? No matter which one you choose, you and your fluffy cuddle buddy are sure to be in for a treat!

Click through the gallery above for movies, documentaries, and more streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

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