7 Questions We Need Answered in ‘Manifest’ Season 2 (PHOTOS)

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Manifest - Season 1
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Manifest Death Date

Will the passengers of Flight 828 die on June 2, 2024?

In the Season 1 finale, “Estimated Time of Departure,” Ben figured out that Griffin, who returned and tried to abuse his calling, was back for the exact amount of time he was gone.

Ben, Olive (Luna Blaise), and Cal separately determined the passengers’ death date to be June 2, 2024. Ben used math, Olive used the clues in front of them, and Cal drew one of his visions, of that date on his, Michaela, and Ben’s gravestones.

Manifest Michaela

Who was shot?

In the Season 1 finale, Michaela had a calling to “stop him.” She mistakenly thought she was supposed to stop Griffin from telling the world about the callings, but she still heard it after he was dead.

Instead, it was about Jared (J.R. Ramirez) or Zeke (Matt Long). The two men fought over who knew best for Michaela — including who she should choose. During their struggle, Zeke pulled a gun he’d bought to use on Griffin. Jared grabbed it, and the two men were struggling over it when Michaela entered the apartment and a shot went off.

Someone was hit, but was it Michaela, Zeke or Jared? If it was Zeke and he dies, then they won’t be able to use him as a test to see if they do all truly have death dates. (He returned after a year.)

Manifest Ben Grace baby

What does the baby mean for Ben and Grace’s relationship?

While Ben was gone, Grace (Athena Karkanis) eventually moved on with Danny (Daniel Sunjata). However, by the end of the season, the Stones had decided to make their marriage work.

Then Grace told Ben she was pregnant in the finale. He was ecstatic at first — until he realized it’s unlikely he’s the father. This will bring Danny back into the Stones’ lives in a more permanent way, but what will this mean for everyone involved?

Manifest Major

Will Saanvi realize her therapist is The Major?

Saanvi wasn’t doing well after being held at gunpoint. She eventually went to see a therapist recommended to her by a colleague in the Season 1 finale, only for the audience to see that therapist is The Major (Elizabeth Marvel), the antagonist for the passengers of Flight 828. (Is she really a therapist? That’s unclear.)

The Major is likely hoping that Saanvi spills something of value in their sessions.

Manifest Daly

What happened to Captain Daly and Fiona?

Captain Daly (Frank Deal) set out to clear his name of any wrongdoing for what happened to Flight 828. He attempted to fly through time yet again, this time with Fiona in the passenger seat. Though the military was about to shoot down the plane, it didn’t look like it succeeded.

Instead, there was a flash of light, and it’s possible they made it to 2024 (or somewhere else in time). But will Manifest reveal if that’s the case in Season 2? There would have to be flashforwards of some sort.

Manifest - Season 1
Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers

Will more people return?

At first, the passengers of Flight 828 thought they were the only special ones. Then, Cal’s vision led the Stones to Zeke. After that, Griffin came back. It stands to reason that this can’t be it, but will whoever returns next be friend or foe?

Manifest - Season 1
Peter Kramer/NBC/ Warner Brothers

Why is Cal so special?

While those like Ben and Michaela have callings, Cal’s abilities go a step further. He has visions of the future, of which he draws. Is that tied into the fact that he was awake on the plane while the others were asleep? Would this have happened to him whether or not he was awake?

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What seemed like a routine flight turned out to be so much more for the passengers of Manifest‘s Flight 828.

After experiencing what seemed to be turbulence, they landed in New York, only to find out that five years had passed. Friends and family members had moved on because they believed their loved ones to be dead.

The Season 1 finale left fans with a number of loose ends left to be tied, and now that NBC has renewed the drama for a second season, we’re that much closer to hopefully getting some answers.

As the first season showed, those who returned were special. They heard “callings,” which led Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), Ben (Josh Dallas), Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), and Cal (Jack Messina) to help people.

But they weren’t the only ones to return or receive the callings, which led to even more questions — and possibly one major revelation — at the end of the season.

Click through the gallery above for our burning Season 2 questions, and leave your own in the comments below.

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