'Making the Band': Where Are They Now?

Vicki Hyman

Don't get your hopes up, prospective stars of Boy Band, if early 2000s hit show Making the Band is any indication, you'll find more success hopping to another reality show than climbing the Billboard charts.  (Although, in the case of O-Town, you can recycle your old hits for thirtysomething moms who spend their summers hitting up nostalgia tours.)

Rank Your Favorite Boy Bands Before You Watch ABC's 'Boy Band'See Also

Rank Your Favorite Boy Bands Before You Watch ABC's 'Boy Band'

Despite the music genre, boy bands are always stealing hearts with their deep lyrics and sweet vocals. But who did it best? Rank your favorite boy bands of all time!

ABC's new reality competition seeks to find the next Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC or New Kids on the Block, with popstars Rita Ora, Nick Carter (of the aforementioned BSB), Emma Button (Spice Girls) and producer Timbaland leading the charge. Will they form the next One Direction? If the fates of Making the Band winners are any indication, probably not.

Ever wonder what happened to O-Town's Ashley Parker Angel, Da Band's Babs, Danity Kane's Dawn, or  Day26's Que? Click through the gallery above to see what happens when TV makes you a star, but reality doesn't live up to the hype.

Boy Band, Series Premiere, Thursday, June 29, 8/7c, ABC