Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen’s 5 Favorite Kensi & Deeks Moments on ‘NCIS: LA’ (PHOTOS)

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Neighborhood Watch

“Neighborhood Watch”

(Season 3, Episode 22)
First undercover kiss. The pair pose as a married couple to catch a Russian sleeper agent in a gated community. “It definitely sparked something in the characters,” Ruah says.

Richard Cartwright/CBS


(Season 4, Episode 24)
First real kiss. “Deeks comes at her and kisses her, saying, ‘How’s that for communication?'” Olsen recalls.



(Season 5, Episode 2)
“They have the ability to heal together,” Olsen says, citing this episode following Deeks’s abduction and torture. Recovering at home, he is unable to sleep—until Kensi visits and stays by his side.

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(Season 5, Episode 9)
Deeks takes Kensi on a date…but doesn’t tell her that’s what it is. “I was pregnant and wearing a baggy shirt to cover it,” Ruah says. “Kensi is on this date for the first time with this person she really likes, and I felt like a slob.”


“A Line in the Sand”

(Season 9, Episode 23)
Wedding plans pause when Deeks suggests they leave NCIS and Kensi counters that she isn’t ready to go and start a family. “The fight in the parking lot? The breakup? I couldn’t stop crying in the table read,” Ruah says. (All episodes available for purchase on Amazon Video.)

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It’s the event fans have been waiting for for nine years — the Densi wedding is just around the corner!

Ahead of NCIS: Los Angeles fan favorite couple Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) tying the knot, we’re looking back at their biggest milestones over the seasons.

And to do so, we went straight to the source, asking Ruah and Olsen to reveal their favorite Kensi and Deeks moments. Click through the gallery above for their picks, and to get some inside scoop on all of those game-changing episodes.