7 Unanswered Questions From ‘Hunters’ Season 1 (PHOTOS)

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Hunters Season 1
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Hunters Season 1 Millie - Jerrika Hinton
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Millie’s Next Mission

When FBI Agent Millie Morris (Jerrika Hinton) uncovered a government conspiracy (Project Paperclip — a real life program) in which Nazis were recruited to work for American science programs only to live freely among citizens, her desire to deliver justice was halted. After her former boss Agent Grimsby (James Le Gros) is revealed to be a conspirator, she learns that he’s “resigned” from his post, preventing any further investigation because he’s unable to corroborate her findings. Later on in the finale she’s visited by a woman who introduces herself as Congresswoman Elizabeth Handelman (Zoe Winters) who wishes to have Millie create a private task force dedicated to apprehending Nazis — not dissimilar to the Hunters. Will she take the woman up on her offer? And if so, would she recruit the Hunters?

Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet in Hunters - Season 1
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What Is Sister Harriet Up To?

As one of the Hunters, Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany) is also known as Rebekah. Despite her outward appearance, she was born Jewish, but viewers learn she was sent to a covent by her parents in order to escape the war and in doing so took up her Christian identity as Harriet. Her behavior has been a bit odd though as she’s been seen making various private calls — sometimes in German — which makes us question her motives. In the finale she’s seen making a call to a woman who could be someone from MI6, which Harriet had been a part of, or it could be someone else. Either way, her intentions sound anything but pure.

Greg Austin as Travis in Hunters - Season 1
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What Does Travis Have Up His Sleeve?

The American neo Nazi named Travis (Greg Austin) proved to be a terrifying villain in Season 1, slaying and doing the bidding of Nazi overlord The Colonel (Lena Olin). Despite being brought to “justice,” Travis continued his plight to recruit like-minded people for the Nazi cause, even behind bars. Considering what viewers know about his character so far, it’s clear that his plans likely extend beyond the bars of his current confinement.

Hunters Season 1 Al Pacino Logan Lerman
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Following ‘Meyer’

In the finale’s big reveal that Al Pacino’s Meyer Offerman was actually Jonah’s (Logan Lerman) grandmother Ruth’s (Jeannie Berlin) Auschwitz tormentor Wilhelm “The Wolf” Zuchs, viewers learn just as Jonah does that he’s been following the ideas and beliefs of a Nazi in disguise (done by plastic surgery). Jonah kills the man posing as his long lost dead grandfather and decides to continue “the hunt” despite it being based around a plan that was begun by The Wolf. Sure, the man called his hunt penance for his past actions, but that doesn’t negate
the fact that Jonah’s not questioning the situation and the ideas he’s been exposed to a bit more. Even the team is ready to continue their battle against Nazis despite the fact that the idea was conceived by an actual Nazi. Could this change if a second season actually happens?

Dylan Baker as Biff Simpson in Hunters - Season 1
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What’s Biff Going to Do Next?

Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) was revealed as a Nazi refugee living as an Undersecretary of State to Jimmy Carter in the show’s first few minutes. When he’s discovered by Millie though, he makes a run for it and ends up heading to the USSR under a new name and faux passport. If there is a second season, will we see him in a new political position within the Soviet’s ranks? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Louis Ozawa Changchien and Tiffany Boone in Hunters - Season 1
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What’s Going to Happen to Joe?

The Vietnam vet and team member Joe (Louis Ozawa) was hit by a car and kidnapped in the finale episode’s final moments. When Joe awoke he was being greeted by The Colonel in Argentina. Sitting down at a long dinner table outdoors, he finds himself among nearly-identical blond and blue-eyed boys when an old man sporting a familiar mustache sits down next to The Colonel and calls her Eva. It’s clearly meant to be Hitler, who has escaped from capture after faking his own death. But it’s a scenario that definitely leaves plenty of unanswered questions.

Julissa Bermudez as Maria in Hunters - Season 1
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Is Maria Safe?

As the girlfriend of FBI Agent Millie Morris, Maria (Julissa Bermudez) — who is also a nurse that cared for Morris’ mother — was directly threatened by neo Nazi Travis. Now that he’s been imprisoned, by Morris, will he make it his mission to harm Maria even though Morris broke up with her as a means of protection? If there’s a second season we’re sure to find out, but until then it would seem her fate’s in limbo.

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[Warning: The above contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Hunters.]

Amazon Prime Video’s pulpy ’70s-set Hunters surrounding a group of Nazi hunters — gave viewers plenty of twists and turns within its plot, but the season left many loose ends untied.

Whether it was the major revelation regarding Al Pacino‘s Meyer Offerman or the uncertain motivations behind certain characters’ actions, there’s a lot to unpack from the finale episode. In the gallery above, we’re breaking down the unanswered questions viewers were left with that we’d like to see answered if the show returns for Season 2.

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