8 Hallmark Christmas Supporting Love Stories That Deserve Their Own Movies (PHOTOS)

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Hallmark side love
Shane Mahood/Crown Media; David Strongman/Crown Media; Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media
Charming Christmas Final Photo Assets
Brooke Palmer/Crown Media

Charming Christmas

Store manager Meredith (Julie Benz) falls for Nick (David Sutcliffe), who comes in as Santa and spreads joy, as seen above. But just as interesting and worthy of focus is dancer Olivia (Vanessa Matsui) and her husband, Woody (Jake Epstein), as they must contend with career paths that pull them in opposite directions.

A Christmas Detour Final Photo Assets
Marcel Williams/Crown Media

A Christmas Detour

While Paige (Candace Cameron Bure) tries to make it to New York City to meet her fiancé’s parents, she falls for a fellow traveler, Dylan (Paul Greene) — see both above. Meanwhile, older couple Frank (David Lewis) and Maxine (Sarah Strange) serve as a look at a more established relationship, one in which the spark isn’t quite what it used to be but the love is still clearly there.

A Christmas Duet Final Image Assets
David Dolsen/Crown Media

A Christmas Duet

We followed Averie (Chaley Rose) and Jesse (Rome Flynn) as they reconnected amidst his career troubles and her busy time at her inn. While they do, his manager, Dan (Mike Dopud), and the woman judging her lodge for an award, Phyllis (Teryl Rothery), fall for each other, in scenes like the one above, and plan to head to Europe together.

Return to Christmas Creek Final Photo Assets
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Return to Christmas Creek

App developer Amelia (Tori Anderson) fell for her childhood best friend Mike (Stephen Huszar) when she returned home for Christmas. Over the holiday, her uncle Harry (Steven Weber) reconnected with his ex, Pamela (Kari Matchett), with two happily together by the end as seen above. Wouldn’t the story of the reunited local inn and restaurant owners make for the perfect Christmas sequel?

Christmas in Evergreen Tidings of Joy Final Image Assets
David Strongman/Crown Media

Christmas in Evergreen

The three movies (so far) have each had a main love story, with a few side ones sprinkled in. Among those, viewers have even gotten to watch Michelle (Holly Robinson Peete) and Thomas (Colin Lawrence), pictured above, fall for each other and get engaged in the latest. Also in the third, Tidings of Joy, Hannah (Rukiya Bernard) and Elliot (Antonio Cayonne) gave into their feelings while he helped her with the broken snow globe. While Katie (Maggie Lawson) teased a story involving twins to come, why not have a future film follow Michelle and Thomas’ wedding planning?

A Bramble House Christmas Final Photos Assets
Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media

A Bramble House Christmas

Finn (David Haydn-Jones) set out to find out why his father named healthcare worker Willa (Autumn Reeser) his beneficiary in his will, only to fall for her. And while they both stayed at Bramble House, we watched Willa force owner Mable (Teryl Rothery) to confront her feelings for Ken (Andrew Arlie). It took them years, but those two, seen above, finally got together — and exploring that relationship would also mean following up on Willa and Finn, as Willa took a job at Bramble.

Journey Back to Christmas Final Photo Assets
Allen Fraser/Crown Media

Journey Back to Christmas

The movie follows Hanna (Candace Cameron Bure) as she travels forward 71 years from 1945. While Jake (Oliver Hudson) and his family help her, his own love story plays out in the background, with his partner on the police force, Sarah (Brooke Nevin), seen above at work. By the end, Hanna returns to her own time and Jake and Sarah are together, but we miss so many key moments in their story.

Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen Final Image Asset
Eike Schroter/Crown Media

Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen

This film follows party planner Ella (Erin Krakow) and toy company CEO Edward (Luke Macfarlane) as they work together and fall in love. However, Ella’s sister Marianne (Kimberley Sustad) is also part of an intriguing story, as she and Edward’s cousin Brandon (Jason McKinnon) stumble through conversations and develop a spark while spending time together like in the photo above. (They even seem to be taking things much more slowly than is usual for Hallmark movie couples.)

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What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a heartwarming love story on Hallmark?

While each Christmas movie follows a central couple from meet-cute (or re-meet-cute) to love, often times we also see those in their lives finding their own happily ever after. And in some cases, their stories are so entertaining that we’d love to see more.

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