7 Things That Need to Happen in 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 (PHOTOS)

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Maggie & Jackson Figure Out Their Relationship

Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy was tough for Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce. Yes, they stuck it out and wanted to work through their issues, but they spent most of the season fighting and arguing. Not only was it exhausting for fans, it had to have been exhausting for them! Our hope is that they figure out exactly what they want next season (that is, if Jackson makes it out of that storm alive), and either commit to each other or break up for good.


Meredith & Andrew Move In Together

Meredith Grey and Andrew DeLuca are about to face some serious obstacles next season — you know, with Meredith facing jail time and all that — but it’s clear they’re committed to making their relationship work. We’d love to see these two take their romance to the next step and move in with one another. No, Andrew will never replace McDreamy, but he’d be a great presence in her kids’ lives.


Jo & Alex Have a Baby

C’mon, this is the one thing that every Grey’s fan has wanted for a long time. Alex Karev and Jo Karev had to go through a lot this past season, but now that Jo is focusing on her mental health and getting herself in a better place, we think it’s time these two start a family. Alex would make a great father and, to be honest, Jolex is the only couple we trust on the show to be stable parents.


Owen & Teddy Confirm Their Love for One Another

Owen Hunt finally told Teddy Altman he loves her at the end of Season 15, but Teddy didn’t say it back. To be fair, she was giving birth, but we don’t exactly know where these two stand going into next season. It’s clear and obvious Teddy also loves Owen, so they just need to confirm their love and finally get married. It’s time!


Nico & Schmidt Get Married

Nico Kim and Levi Schmidt definitely won the award for “Most Adorable Couple,” following the end of Season 15. These two are perfect for each other, bottom line. Though it’s unclear if Nico’s going to stick around in Seattle, it’d be nice to see our first male gay marriage on the show in Season 16. Plus, we’re in the mood for another wedding!


Amelia Gets With Carina

Amelia Shepherd casually revealed last season that she had a crush on Carina DeLuca, Andrew’s sister, but said it so nonchalantly most fans probably forgot it even happened. Well, we didn’t, and we’d like to see this be a thing. Amelia is finally single after breaking up with Owen, and she told Link she wasn’t quite ready to jump into a relationship, so there’s definitely room for this to happen.


A Doctor Falls in Love With a Patient

It’s a tale as old as time, but it’s our favorite tale. Whether it’s Denny Duquette or Henry Burton, some of the best relationships to come out of this show are the ones doctors have had with their patients. We haven’t had a real doctor-patient romance in awhile, so it’d be fun for it to return in Season 16.

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There are only a few things Grey’s Anatomy has done over the past 15 seasons that’s let us down, but we do have a couple of suggestions for Season 16. While we trust Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers with all our hearts, there are some storylines we’d like to see.

Whether it’s a relationship finally happening, a couple having a child, or a romance being taken to the next level, check out the gallery above to see the list of things we hope will happen when Season 16 starts this fall. 

Grey's Anatomy, Season 16 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 8/7c, ABC

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