11 of Our Unanswered ‘Game of Thrones’ Questions (PHOTOS)

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What “green eyes” will Arya shut?

During the Battle of Winterfell, Melisandre told Arya she’d shut brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes. The brown eyes belonged to Walder Frey, the blue eyes belonged to the Night King, but who were the green eyes? Littlefinger? Daenerys? If Dany doesn’t die by Arya’s hand in the next episode, it seems likely the prophecy was referring to Littlefinger.


What, exactly, are Bran’s powers?

Another question likely never to be answered, though fan theories ranged from Bran being the Night King to Bran only being a vessel for the original Three-Eyed Raven. For real, though, what was Bran doing when he warged during the Battle of Winterfell? Can he see the future, or only the past and present? We may never know.


What happened to Yara Greyjoy?

Did she sail off into the sunset? We know she took the Iron Islands in Dany’s name, but after that, we haven’t heard of or seen the pirate queen of the Ironborn. Does she know Theon is dead? Has she celebrated the fact that she’ll never again have to deal with her human headache of an uncle, Euron? Here’s hoping we’ll at least catch a glimpse of her in the finale.


Is Dany pregnant?

Last season, many fans speculated that the focus on Dany’s supposed infertility would lead to her pregnancy after she and Jon consummated their love on a boat on the way to Winterfell. With just one episode left in the season, though, it seems less likely we’ll ever know if that witch was telling the truth and if Dany’s dragons really are the only children she’ll ever have.


Was that the last we’ll see of Meera Reed?

What a sad ending for Meera if her last scene was last season, getting unceremoniously told off by Three-Eyed Raven Bran. Meera and her dad, Howland, could’ve played a larger role in this season considering they could confirm Jon’s parentage. Unfortunately, it seems we might have seen the last of the Reeds.


How’s Daario doing?

Whatever happened to Daario Naharis? Last we saw him, Dany left him in charge of Meereen — and broke his heart. Is he still ruling over the city? How will he feel when he hears of Dany’s destruction of King’s Landing?


How’s Dorne doing? Did they help with the battle?

We know there’s a new Dornish prince who offered his support in the Battle of King’s Landing, but that’s it. Whatever happened to Dorne, with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes gone? And speaking of Ellaria, is she dead? Last we saw her, she was chained up in Cersei’s dungeons to watch her daughter die. It’d be reasonable to assume she died, but we’ll probably never have confirmation either way.


Where did Bronn go, and is he coming back?

It seems like Bronn showed up at Winterfell to threaten the Lannisters, demand his castle and leave. While that would be a fitting end for his character, it’d be nice to get some kind of conclusion to his story. Does he actually get his castle?

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Is Hot Pie okay?

What is hot may never pie. Seriously, what happened to Hot Pie? Is he still happily baking at the Inn at the Crossroads? We’ll probably never see him again, but it’d be nice to catch a glimpse of him before the series concludes.

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Who, or what, was Azor Ahai? What was the point of “The Prince That Was Promised?”

One of the most maddening unanswered questions revolves around Melisandre’s central purpose: to find the Prince That Was Promised. For a while it was supposed to be Stannis, then Jon or Dany. Is anyone Azor Ahai? Now that the Night King’s dead, does it matter? And what was the point of bringing Jon back from the dead if he wasn’t the one to kill the Night King?

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Whatever happened to Robyn Arryn?

Sweetrobin kind of… fell off the face of Westeros. Is he alive? Did he ever figure out how to use a bow and arrow? Was he helping with the Battle of Winterfell? It’s not impossible we might see him in the finale if all the Lords of Westeros gather in King’s Landing, but that would probably be the only way we’ll conclude his story.

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With one episode to go, Game of Thrones has quite a few loose ends to tie up.

Of course, not all loose ends are created equal. It’s far more likely we’ll get answers to the bigger questions (i.e. who’ll sit on the Iron Throne?) than we will to questions surrounding smaller, supporting characters we haven’t seen in seasons. But just because Thrones has forgotten about them doesn’t mean that we have.

Here are eleven questions we’d like to see addressed in the finale.

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