7 TV Characters in Dire Need of Love on Valentine’s Day

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Characters Who Need Love
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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Nothing thrills us more than seeing our favorite TV characters happy and linked up with an equally wonderful bae. Unfortunately, some of our other most beloved characters haven’t been so lucky. Instead of romantic dates in a hot tub à la The Bachelor, they’re fighting tyrannical leaders, trying to overthrow the government or mourning the loss of their closest friends.

Take a look at the gallery above to see which characters TV Insider thinks most need love this Valentine’s Day.

Nicole Wilder/ABC

Annalise Keating – How to Get Away with Murder

The formerly esteemed lawyer has found herself in sticky situation after sticky situation. Now, our favorite law professor is in prison for something she didn’t even do—or so she says. What better way to distract or normally well-dressed heroine from her drab prison attire than a love interest?

Chicago Fire - Season 5, needoflove
Parrish Lewis/NBC

Kelly Severide – Chicago Fire

The hunky firefighter recently found himself in the middle of a love triangle with Stella and Anna. But now that Anna has moved back to Springfield and “Stellaride” is in the friend zone, our main guy is single once again. We just want to see Chi-town’s resident playboy settle down with someone special for once.

THE MIDDLE, needoflove
Michael Ansell/ABC

Sue Heck – The Middle

Will Sue Heck ever get a win? The middle child of The Middle always seems to take the “L “and never comes out on top even with her blindingly sunny outlook on life. We’d really like to see a university hottie sweep Sue off her feet for Valentine’s Day, because she deserves it.

The Vampire Diaries, needoflove
Bob Mahoney/The CW

Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Damon has been under too much stress lately, mainly because of Sybil’s antics. Who are we kidding? Damon has felt guilty about every action he’s taken since he’s become a vampire. Who knew Mystic Falls’ bad boy was so emotional? He could seriously use some love. Will entombed Elena heal his broken heart before the series ends?

New Girl - Jess Day - Zooey Deschanel
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Jess Day – New Girl

Jess’ latest romance with Robby was kind of a big misstep. They were too much alike, so much so because they were distant cousins. Yikes! We just need things to work out for our quirky New Girl. Throughout the whole series, Jess has really wanted to find love and that’s all we want for her too.

Scandal, needoflove
Byron Cohen/ABC via Getty Images

Eli “Rowan” Pope – Scandal

Papa Pope is always doing the absolute most—in a totally crazy way. Whether it’s plotting to take over the White House with Jake as vice president or threatening said VP candidate’s life, it’s just too much. Maybe Rowan just needs someone to love him after the whole fiasco with Olivia’s mom (she’s just as nuts as he is).

The Walking Dead, needoflove
Gene Page/AMC

Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

Nothing has been going Daryl’s way (or anyone else’s on The Walking Dead…) this season. First, he had to watch his friends be slaughtered by Lucille, then he was held captive by Negan and co, and now he and the other survivors have to reclaim what is their’s (read: more bloodshed). Daryl not only needs a nice shower in Alexandria, he could definitely use some love.

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