‘Losing Alice’: The Making of the Intense, Addictive Psychological Thriller

Losing Alice
Apple TV+

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After captivating viewers in Israel, the drama Losing Alice is headed to Apple TV+. The psychological thriller (in Hebrew with English subtitles) centers on Alice (Ayelet Zurer), a 48-year-old film director who put her career on hold to raise a family.

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“There is a lot of me in her,” Zurer says. “Being a woman at that age, the fear of irrelevance, afraid she is not going to create anymore or fulfill herself. Asking … if she is not giving too much to the family versus the career she wants. I can identify with all those parts within her. Also, wanting to be at a certain point in your life where you want to shake things up.”

The plot is set in motion when Alice has a serendipitous (or is it?) meeting on a train with an alluring screenwriter named Sophie (Lihi Kornowski). The 24-year-old femme fatale ends up having a movie script that is too good for Alice and her actor husband David (Gal Toren) to pass up. From there, the three find their lives intertwined in a twisty love triangle that unfolds over the course of eight episodes.

The multi-layered characters face issues relatable and universal to others, including jealousy, guilt, fear of aging and complex relationships between women that go beyond the conventional. Zurer (Daredevil and Angels & Demons), says the more the cast filmed, the deeper they went into their respective roles.

“It was a bit of a mindf—,” she says. “For me, as an example, the relationship with Sophie is actually two relationships: With Sophie in life and Sophie in the movie — the story within the story. On top of that, there are the complexities of the relationship with the mother, the husband, the friends and with herself, really. There was a lot to handle and hold on to. In some ways, everybody sort of stayed in the characters. It was very intense.”

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The live ceremony on Sunday, March 7, will be hosted by Taye Diggs.

The first three episodes, created, directed and written by Sigal Avin, drop on January 22, followed by an additional one every Friday thereafter.

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