‘The Christmas Bow’s Romance Is Put on Hold (VIDEO)

A couple of old friends need some Christmas (and musical) cheer in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ upcoming offering for its annual /”Miracles of Christmas” event.

Lucia Micarelli and Michael Rady star as promising musician Kate and Patrick, old friends who reconnect when she’s recovering at home from an accident, and as you can see in TV Insider’s exclusive first look, he’s not going to let a budding romance get in the way of her obvious talent.

It sounds like the two are so close to taking that all-important step forward, but “I just don’t want to get in the way of your life,” Patrick, being very supportive, tells Kate in the video above. “You’re probably going to be going back on tour.” She says she agrees (and feels the same), but as you can see, she may not exactly mean it.

In The Christmas Bow, Kate must put her lifelong dream of playing in the Rocky Mountain Philharmonic on hold after an accident. She heads home to recover during the Christmas holiday and finds love in someone who believes in her when she reconnects with old family friend Patrick and his young cousin Gavin (Kenneth Cummins). Plus, with help from her Grandpa Joe (James Saito), she finds courage to believe in herself again and let music back into her life.

Check out exclusive photos below of the musical Kate.

Lucia Micarelli The Christmas Bow Hallmark Kate

(Fred Hayes/Crown Media)

The Christmas Bow Elizabeth Summerhayes Shaun Johnson Lucia Micarelli Hallmark

(Fred Hayes/Crown Media)

The Christmas Bow, Movie Premiere, Sunday, November 8, 10/9c, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries