Kristin Chenoweth on Bringing ‘Candy Land’ to Life for Food Network

Candy Land
Food Network

Sweet dreams are made of this: Hasbro’s board game comes to life in a new competition for professional confectioners.

After finding ingredients hidden somewhere in Candy Land — say, Lemon Lime Springs or the Gumdrop Mountains — five teams of sugar specialists take on various challenges, creating candied mythical creatures, one-of-a-kind gifts for King Kandy and more. Their work is judged by Spring Baking Championship‘s winning chocolatier Nacho Aguirre and The Next Food Network Star’s Season 6 victor, Aarti Sequeira.

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Food Network alone has more than 40 hours of holiday programming on the way, offering 'delicious escapism as well as holiday cheer.'

Over six episodes, Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth guides contestants through the Wonka-worthy interpretations of classic Candy Land locations. More than 100 pounds of chocolate form Chocolate Mountain. Lollipop Woods contains 1,000 suckers. Giant candy canes fill the Peppermint Forest.

“When I got on set, I freaked out,” she says. “[We] are physically in the game. It looks beautiful.” Good enough to eat, actually. “The entire set was edible,” the admitted chocolate fan notes, laughing. “You could pick something off a tree and eat it. They didn’t want us to, but by the end of the night, just try and stop me!”

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Plus, more food-based programming being filmed remotely.

Currently, Chenoweth also voices a mouse in HBO Max’s The Witches and plays Emma Roberts‘ aunt in Netflix’s Holidate, but this project takes the cake: “I remember [as a kid] my older brother was moving on to Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders, but I was like, ‘No, I want to play Candy Land!'” Us too.

Candy Land, Series Premiere 9/8c, Sunday, November 15, Food Network