‘AGT’: The 6 Best Acts From Night 5 of Season 15 Auditions (VIDEO)

America's Got Talent Season 15 Auditions 5 Best Acts
Trae Patton/NBC; Mitchell Haddad/NBC; Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent continued its Season 15 auditions with a night of very entertaining (but a couple of hard to watch) performers.

With Heidi Klum under the weather, Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet joined his former costar Sofia Vergara at the judges’ table with Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel for most of the singing, dancing, magic, and more.

Here are the six most memorable acts from the fifth night of auditions.

Ty Barnett

The stand-up comedian was inspired by Richard Pryor because he made everyone in the audience laugh. And Ty did just that with his jokes about his age, needing glasses, and rooting against kids in horror movies. (Cowell especially loved that last bit.) “All your material was super relatable,” Vergara noted before they all said yes.

Shaquira McGrath

The singer had been too insecure to showcase her talent until now, and she had the audience (and judges) moving on their feet and in their seats with Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman.” “You have a great, great voice, a great personality,” Cowell told her. They sent her on to the next round.


The 21-year-old had a lot to live up to as a magician on AGT, and he succeeded, stunning the crowd with his act as he kept producing cards from seemingly nowhere. “The key is that it’s all in the presentation, and you’re all about presentation,” Mandel said, “You’re just born to do this,” Cowell added before the judges said yes.

Lewis Shivlock

It was the “sink or swim” moment for the dancer, and his routine filled with flips brought him one step closer to making his dream happen. “Right from the beginning, your charisma, your charm was infectious,” Stonestreet said. “I really, really admire your tenacity,” Cowell added, and to encourage it, he gave Lewis his third yes which kept him in the competition.

Bone Breakers

As you can probably guess from the group’s name, they’re contortionists with a hard-to-watch (and listen to!) act. “I was rooting for you from the beginning, and you delivered in a huge way,” Stonestreet told them. “It looked so painful, and the more painful it looked, the happier you were getting,” Cowell said, noting he’d never seen this kind of act with a group. With their “likeability factor a 10,” the judges all said yes.

Alan Silva

He comes from a circus family, but he’d been told he should be a clown because of his size. Performing in front of his kids for the first time, the aerialist shocked everyone with how high he went and his daring moves. “You’re entertaining and you’re talented,” Mandel told him. “It’s thrilling and scary and graceful. Every possible human emotion that can be elicited from one act, you have it all.” Cowell called him “a natural performer” and “the best act we’ve seen all day long” before all four judges said yes.

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