5 Reasons to Tune in to ‘Total Bellas’ Season 5

Total Bellas
Heidi Gutman/NBCUniversal

Whether it’s following the Bella Twins on social media, listening to podcasts or reading the headlines, you already know Nikki and Brie have a lot going on in their lives. Thanks to the return of E!’s Total Bellas, these incoming WWE Hall of Famers will be able to formally catch viewers up on a very eventful year.

Before Season 5 gets underway starting April 2, here are five reasons to tune in.

Total Bellas

Artem and Nikki Get Serious

The end of Season 4 saw Nikki get whisked away with Artem Chigvintsev like a dancing knight in shining armor. Now things are getting serious between the Dancing with the Stars couple-turned-lovebirds after initially hesitating to publicly put a label on their relationship. Artem will surely add a new dynamic to the show. We’ll get to see how their romance grows into living together and leading up to a Paris proposal, and Nikki finding out she’s pregnant. Talk about a whirlwind.

What’s Next for Brie and Bryan’s Household?

Brie wanted so much to become a mom over the years, and her dream became a reality in the form of Birdie. Since then, she and husband Bryan have been working to juggle their respective careers while maintaining a happy home for their daughter. Brie’s career inside of the WWE ring may have ended, but she is still as busy as ever with the many business ventures she has with her sister. Bryan is still a regular on SmackDown and hitting the road every week. Yet they work through some emotional moments regarding whether they want, or can have, a second child. The longtime couple are certainly relatable in their struggles.

Going Back to Family Roots

During the early seasons of Total Divas, Nikki and Brie opened up about issues they faced with their father. Now the Twins feel a need to reconnect with their dad while working on an upcoming memoir. I’m sure all their celebratory milestones are also getting them thinking of ancestry. As they look more into discovering more about dad’s side of the family and their Mexican roots, there is the concern how it would affect Mama Bella.Will this open up old wounds?

Double Blessings

Nikki loves being an aunt, or “Auntie Coco,” but that hasn’t stopped her from going back-and-forth about having a child. Would it be in the cards? These thoughts have been well-documented when cameras were there during her relationship with John Cena. With Nikki and Brie at their respective crossroads, an unexpected dual blessing occurred as the Twins find out they’re both pregnant around the same time (less than two weeks apart, if we’re being specific). We’ve seen the People photos when they formally made the announcement, but Total Bellas will show what actually happened before the two revealed the news to the world.

The Bella Fam

One of the fun parts that separates Total Bellas from Total Divas has been getting to know the rest of the Bella family. It wasn’t long until the audience got invested in what has been going on with brother JJ and sister-in-law Lauren, and mother Kathy. And then there are those humorous scenes with their stepdad John Laurinaitis. Got to love those cameos.

Total Bellas Season 5, premieres Thursday, April 2, 9/8c, E!