Darin Brooks Talks Sally’s Slip of the Tongue on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’

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Bold and the Beautiful‘s Wyatt Spencer, played by Emmy-winner Darin Brooks, always seems to be second choice compared to his brother Liam (Scott Clifton).

He’s been passed over in favor of his sibling by not only Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Annika Noelle), but by Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer), too. And even though they only shared one kiss and some close moments, Sally (Courtney Hope), Wyatt’s latest girlfriend, recently misspoke and called Wyatt the name “Liam.” (Oops!)

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Despite all this, Wyatt’s a relatively happy guy and shares a close relationship with his half-brother. How’s that possible? TV Insider spoke with Brooks about Wyatt’s relationships with women and his brother, how one Lifetime movie turned into another, and real-life fatherhood – he and wife Kelly Kruger (ex-Mac, Young and the Restless) welcomed their first child, a daughter, Everleigh on September 22 of this year.

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Soaps sometimes get so complicated with convoluted backstories, but look at the mileage that can be gotten out something relatively “simple” like Sally (Courtney Hope) accidentally calling Wyatt “Liam.”

Darin Brooks: I love that you bring that up and people are discussing it. That’s the kind of the thing we do in daytime. I like to play moments like that. Scott and I joke about it – how Wyatt always gets Liam’s “hand-me downs.” Sometimes, Wyatt feels maybe he’s not good enough. Bill (Don Diamont) always dotes on Liam. Wyatt feels like Liam’s his dad’s favorite. I like to play those deep-rooted issues. People choose Liam over Wyatt. That’s what I loved about the storyline with Sally. She and Liam didn’t really date. Also, Flo (Katrina Bowden) was someone from Wyatt’s life – another woman who doesn’t have a past with Liam. I think that kiss [that Sally and Liam shared after the Spectra Fashions building collapsed] was always in the back of his mind, but he didn’t think about it that much – and then, Sally misspoke.

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One woman whom Wyatt has definitely not shared with his brother is Katie (Heather Tom).

Heather’s such a pro. We had a blast working together and playing whatever the show gave us. She throws the ball back. I love that Heather jumps right in and does the dance.

Despite sometimes feeling he’s coming in second place with his brother, the relationship between Wyatt and Liam is fairly healthy. They’re each other’s confidantes – they seem genuinely happy for each other when something good happens.

Our show’s about romance and in this context, it’s about “bromance.” Wyatt and Liam are brothers. Instead of blaming Liam for any shortcomings in his life, Wyatt seems to want to examine those issues within himself. Wyatt’s more excited about having a brother than losing one. They get along and they’re united at times against their father. That said, it’d be totally fun to go back to Wyatt fighting with Liam. Scott and I get along great!

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Sally and Wyatt broke up, but then he realized he’d made a mistake and they’re back together now. How stable can it be, though, if they broke up once before?

First, I have to say I think Courtney is amazing. She’s a wonderful actress and we have a fun banter between us. I think their relationship is complicated for Wyatt in some ways. Sally is someone he was in love with. Their relationship kind of came out of nowhere. It happened quickly and was passionate. They ‘got’ each other. We were both castaways – Sally had been dumped by Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Wyatt and Katie had broken up over Thorne (Ingo Rademacher). Then, Flo came back into his life and she’d been the love of his life, his high school sweetheart. He dreamed about being with her and, on one unfortunate night, he and Quinn (Rena Sofer) had to leave town quickly.

Have we ever learned what prompted that hasty exit from Las Vegas?

We haven’t said what it was yet. But that could possibly come out in the future. You never know.

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You recently had a Lifetime movie air. Any more coming up?

Yes. I did a few of those when I had some time off at B&B or when I wasn’t heavy in story. The first one that aired was My Sister’s Deadly Secret. I had a small part in that way. I was the cousin of the lead guy and I played a detective on the police force. They asked me to do another one coming out next year. It was originally called DNA Killer – I’m not sure if it’s keeping that title. I have a bigger role in this one in that I play Will ,who is the brother of the lead character played by Brooke Nevin (Scorpion). Her best friend goes missing. Doing these movies is a blast. It’s fun and the schedule is very different from doing soaps.


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How’s fatherhood?

Oh, gosh! It’s fantastic. Everleigh is the best. She’s a really good baby and she’s sleeping 8 to 10 hours straight. Kelly and I know we’re lucky in this respect! At first, we were like, what’s wrong? And then we learned, no, this is a good thing. She wakes up smiling and recently, she’s learned what her hands are. They’re here! Every day is something new. It’s all magical.


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