Oxygen’s ‘The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins’ Searches for Answers

Courtesy of Oxygen Media

Nearly 30 years ago, 15-year-old African American twins, Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook, vanished off the street near their home in Augusta, Georgia. Despite being one of the few cases of missing twins in American history, their disappearance gained little media attention and many question whether it was properly investigated.

The 2-hour special, The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins, premieres Saturday, November 23 on Oxygen.

For decades, their family pleaded for help, but the case went cold.

Now, former federal prosecutor Laura Coates and former homicide detective Page Reynolds attempt to unravel the mysterious unsolved case in the hopes of finally finding justice for Dannette and Jeannette.

With rare access to the twins’ family, Laura and Page consult with various experts close to the case, speak with eyewitnesses and confront local law enforcement to finally give this case the attention it deserves.

From retracing the twins’ last known steps to following intriguing new leads, the series will take viewers on an unexpected journey and attempt to tackle the unanswered question: What happened to the Millbrook twins?

The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins, Premiere, Saturday, November 23, 7/6c, Oxygen