‘DC Super Hero Girls’ EP Lauren Faust on Their Dreams & Interpersonal Conflicts

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Girl power really makes the grade in DC Super Hero Girls, where squad goals include fighting crime and getting homework done on time.

The lighthearted series also teaches lessons about friendship and going after what you want as its cast of heroes — including (above, from left) Supergirl (voiced by Nicole Sullivan), Green Lantern (Myrna Velasco), Wonder Woman (Grey Griffin), Zatanna (Kari Wahlgren), Batgirl (Tara Strong), and Bumblebee (Kimberly Brooks) — figure out what will make them happy.

“Every girl has a want, which is so much about being a teenager,” says executive producer Lauren Faust. “You have goals and dreams for your life ahead. As this series goes on, each of them is going to discover that they have a need that fills that hole.”

While they try to figure out their hearts’ desire, the teens also have to balance things like work and school, deal with heavy issues like bullying and, in the case of Wonder Woman, even try to get a driver’s license (not as easy as flying an invisible plane, apparently).

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Then there are those unavoidable interpersonal conflicts. Sometimes these superfriends don’t get along when they’re in their secret identities and — surprise! — classmates may be supervillains such as Harley Quinn or Giganta in disguise.

Says Faust, “We look for every opportunity to find the super metaphor for the teenage experience.”

DC Super Hero Girls, Sundays, 4/3c, Cartoon Network

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