TV Insider Podcast: Russell Tovey on Being Woke by HBO’s ‘Years and Years’

Years and Years - Russell Tovey and Maxim Baldry

If you’re unsure how to handle with the chaos that exists in the world, then HBO’s stellar miniseries, Years and Years, will be for you!

The series, from executive producer Russell T. Davies (A Very British Scandal, Doctor Who, Torchwood), is set in the near-future and looks at the Lyons family and how they deal with their daily lives while the world around them is crashing down. It’s all due to political strife and shocking changes in everything from LGBT rights to how political figures (played by Emma Thompson in the series) impact our daily life.

In the latest TV Insider podcast, star Russell Tovey (Quantico, Looking) talks about the now-ness of the show and says “it doesn’t feel out of reach or unattainable.” He also commends Davies for bringing his “greatest hits” in terms of sci-fi elements in the show to the personal stories that equally rock the world of the family in the series. He also talked about whether Emma Thompson’s very blunt, outrageous and clever politician Vivienne Rook is a hero or villain in the show.

Also in this podcast episode, Senior Critic Matt Roush gives his take on the new season of Netflix’s Stranger Things as well as what Fourth of July events you’ll want to check out this holiday weekend.

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