'Homestead Rescue': Helping Hands Give Hope to Struggling Homesteaders in Season 4

Rick and Christina Gables

Television’s favorite homesteading experts on Homestead Rescue are returning to Discovery Channel in a midseason premiere on Wednesday, June 12, to help struggling homesteaders save their abodes from the brink of destruction.

Threatened by an approaching wildfire in the next episode, "Fury and Fire," Stuart & Toni Rinker need a quick solution to their failing Idaho homestead. The Raneys plan to fireproof the cabin and build a firebreak, but will Stuart's opposition jeopardize success and their lives?

Courtesy of Discovery

Traveling to some of the most dangerous, isolated areas in the country and battling all that Mother Nature can throw their way, expert craftsman and survivalist Marty Raney, alongside daughter Misty and son Matt, return to help families sharpen their homesteading skills and learn to survive off-the-grid.

Whether lacking the necessary bush-craft survival skills, having to constantly protect their livestock from surrounding predators or struggling to master the delicate art of farming, few rookie homesteaders will last beyond the first big winter, rainy season, or natural disaster.

That’s where the Raney family steps in. Each equipped with their own unique set of skills and expertise, the Raneys have tasked themselves with rescuing these failing homesteads and aiding the homesteaders who are desperate to save their dwellings and new-found way of life from total demise.

Courtesy of Discovery

Whether they’re helping a war veteran save his dream of living off-grid by establishing a more reliable food source, or protecting a family in imminent danger of a blazing wilderness fire, the Raneys continue their mission to bring salvation to homestead hopefuls around the country.

Homestead Rescue, Returns, Wednesday, June 12, 10/9c, Discovery