How Long Will Mandy Be Stuck in Her New Position on ‘SEAL Team’?

SEAL Team Mandy
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 2 finale of SEAL Team, “Never Out of the Fight.”]

Bravo Team is still together, but they’re going to be missing a key part of their operations after the SEAL Team Season 2 finale.

“Maybe you should spend some more time watching your own six,” Jason (David Boreanaz) advises Mandy (Jessica Paré) early on in the episode, and while she may not feel the same way — pulling strings to save the team is not something that will keep her up at night — maybe she should have heeded his warning.

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All in all, it’s a successful finale for Bravo Team. The unit’s future is on the line, but its members go from facing the strong possibility of being separated to ensuring that won’t happen by capturing Khan.

But Mandy’s not so lucky. As her boss tells her, terrorist — and CIA asset — Bashir Varma is dead, and chatter confirms the Indians killed him and knew where he was because of Mandy. She “unilaterally decided to burn an asset.”


“I made a decision to ensure the survival of a Tier One asset and an entire SEAL team,” she argues in defense. But her boss doesn’t see it like that. In her eyes, Mandy “went rogue,” and for that, there are consequences. “I’m pulling you out of DEVGRU, out of the field,” her boss tells Mandy. “And for the rest of your career, you will only see the world through the worst D.C. office window that I can locate.”

That is not something she shares with Jason, instead repeatedly telling him she’s “fine” at Brett Swann’s wake. He doesn’t believe her, but it appears he’s still in the dark, as is everyone else, about this move at the end of the episode.

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But Mandy can’t be out of the field for long, can she? There have been no reports of Paré leaving SEAL Team, but the team could always get assigned another CIA analyst (temporarily) to fill her position.

Whatever happens, it’s hard to imagine her not doing something to help Bravo considering how hard she’s protected them in the past and her insistence that doing so doesn’t keep her up at night, no matter what the specifics of her job now.

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And it’s hard to imagine Jason and the rest of the team not doing something to help her. As he tells her at the wake, he’s not going to forget that she saved him and the team. Now it’s time for him to repay the favor by getting her back in the field.

In some way or another, we expect to see Mandy working with Bravo Team again next season. And fans aren’t worried about her future either, especially with Bravo Team having her back.

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