‘Empire’: Is One Cookie’s Trash Her Own Man’s Treasure? (VIDEO)

Chuck Hodes/FOX

These two!

On again. Off again. Cheating again. Loving again. If Empire‘s Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Lucious (Terrence Howard) aren’t at odds, odds are they will be soon.

Like this week, when the already fractious couple squares off about what Cookie thinks she saw last week: A boozed-up Treasure (Katlynn Simone) basically climbing Mt. Lucious … ironically after the kick-off of the record label’s Trust Tour.

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Of course, La Lyon didn’t stick around long enough to see her man shoot down the up-and-coming singer — she made tracks straight to Damon Cross (Wood Harris) for a lil’ revenge romp, which is surely gonna come back to bite her — but that is not stopping Cookie from giving Lucious the what-for about his alleged indiscretion.

As always, Henson and Howard bring the heat to their latest flare-up, solidifying their place as the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton of hip-hop melodrama. Check them out in this exclusive clip.

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