Choose Your Mystery! Which Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie Franchise Is For You? (QUIZ)

Crossword Mysteries A Puzzle to Die For Final Photo Assets

No matter where a crime occurs, there’s always a plucky Hallmark Movies & Mysteries heroine around to solve it.

Look out for 18 capers over the next few months premiering on the Hallmark Channel offshoot, featuring both new and returning sleuths. Next up on Sunday, March 10: Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For, starring Lacey Chabert as a New York City crossword puzzle maker.

If that doesn’t excite you, you can also watch small-town librarians, businesswomen, true crime podcasters and morning show hosts — all gearing up to solve murders and other mysteries before law enforcement can get to the bottom of the case. They’re relentless, and we love them for it.

Another thing they all have in common? They all kick some major butt. Kellie Martin even describes her quick-witted character Hailey Dean (Hailey Dean Mysteries) as “if Nancy Drew was a regular character on Law & Order.” Now just try and tell us that doesn’t sound like something you want to spend your entire Sunday afternoon watching…

But how do you choose which movie series is for you? Take the quiz below and see which heroine/franchise to investigate first!