‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Derek Haas Teases a Suspenseful Crossover Episode

Chicago PD
John Tsiavis/NBC
Chicago PD

Most Chicago drama crossovers have focused on huge conflagrations that endanger skyscrapers and warehouses. Not tonight. “This is more Hitchcockian suspense than spectacle,” says Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas.

The mystery turns on a rash of burglaries in both homes and businesses, and the stakes rise when the armed criminals invade an apartment that’s still occupied. Simultaneously, a firehouse happens to be missing its lockbox key — which can open thousands of locked doors across the city. That leads P.D. Intelligence honcho Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) to suspect a firefighter could be one of the guilty parties, so he recruits Firehouse 51’s Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) to go undercover.

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The two departments are teaming up to solve a new crime.

By the time the action shifts to P.D., says executive producer Rick Eid, “The identity of [the perp] has just been revealed. It’s up to the Intelligence Unit to figure out why a heroic firefighter would be involved.” The case becomes difficult for Det. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) when he surprisingly forges an emotional bond with one of the burglars.

Complications are contagious, it seems. Voight is asked to wrap up the case without destroying the reputation of the accused firefighter.

Gary Cole returns as Commissioner Grissom, says Haas, and he wants the sergeant “to make sure this doesn’t crack back on the Chicago Fire Department.” Voight’s been known to bend the rules to get results, but could this be one favor too far?

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