‘Life-Size 2’ Star & Producer Tyra Banks on Taking Things to ‘the Next Level’ for the Sequel

Erik Asla/Freeform

Time to shine bright!

Disney Channel’s beloved 2000 original movie Life-Size is getting a Freeform sequel, with Tyra Banks again starring as bubbly fashionista doll come to life Eve.

When Grace (grown-ish’s Francia Raisa), the 25-year-old CEO of Marathon Toys, considers discontinuing the Eve brand, the Barbie-esque toy with no filter magically pops up to steer the young professional through a quarter-life crisis—and save herself from poof-ing out
of existence.

Banks, also a producer on the flick, spent the last five years refining the script in order to satisfy longtime fans.

“I was methodical with analyzing the original and [figuring out] what we had to call back to — and not just call it back but take it to the next level,” she says. “It was like surgical comedy.”

As long as we hear the plastic diva’s theme song, “Be a Star,” we’re in.

Life-Size 2, Movie Premiere, Sunday, December 2, 9/8c, Freeform