O.J. Simpson Doesn’t Get FX in Prison

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O.J. Simpson doesn’t get FX in prison

Simpson can watch basic cable at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada—just not FX, according to TMZ. So he won’t be able to watch The People v. O.J. Simpson when it premieres on Feb. 2. No word yet if he’ll be able to watch DVDs of the minsieries. PLUS: How accurate is The People vs. O.J.?

Ryan Murphy: “I gave up points to get” John Travolta on my O.J. Simpson miniseries

Travolta says he was already interested in doing TV after becoming obsessed with Mad Men. “I just wanted him,” says Murphy. “I think it was a smart decision because I think he adds some great piece of sizzle to it.”

Former Bachelor Chris Soules sues FarmersOnly.com

The Bachelor farmer claims the online dating site used his “persona” without permission. Without showing his face, a FarmersOnly.com ad strongly implied that it was about Soules, according to his lawsuit.

Peter Capaldi is rumored to be leaving Doctor Who with Steven Moffat

Will new showrunner Chris Chibnall start off with his own Time Lord.

Investigation Discovery jumps on the Making a Murderer bandwagon

Dateline’s Keith Morrison will host the special Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty? on Sunday.

Trevor Noah is writing a book of personal essays

The Daily Show host is reportedly getting more than $3 million for his book of essays about growing up in South Africa, which will be released in November.

Rob Lowe uses a West Wing clip to attack Bernie Sanders on taxes

Lowe wants the Democratic presidential candidate to watch a clip of Sam Seaborn talk about taxing the rich.

Check out an all-white The Wiz Live! parody

Fusion’s F-Comedy created an all-white version of The Wiz in response to Twitter users who called NBC’s The Wiz Live! “racist” for having an all-black cast.

Netflix boss on why he’s interested in Gilmore Girls and why he’d never budge from the binge-watching model

Even if Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner requested to do a show that’s released in weekly installments, “he would lose,” says Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos. In a wide-ranging interview, Sarandos also mentions Gilmore Girls and says, “I’m trying to think of the shows where people really love them and put them on Netflix that’s really the thing that helps us.”

Fargo’s Bokeem Woodbine to star in A&E’s L.A. Riots drama pilot

He’ll play a reformed South Central gangster on The Infamous.

Lip Sync Battle
pits “Donald Trump” vs. “Donald Trump”

Watch a preview of Josh Gad and Johnny Galecki’s Trump-off. PLUS: Trump explains why he dropped out of Thursday’s Fox News debate.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. inspires an “Honest Trailer”

Screen Junkies explains what’s wrong with the Marvel TV series.

Can Jubilee become the first black Bachelor winner?

Or might she become the first minority Bachelorette?

Samantha Bee’s writing staff will be 50% female and 30% minority

Bee’s Full Frontal late-night show used a blind application process so she could find people who aren’t veterans of other writers’ rooms—that’s how they landed somebody who previously worked at the Maryland DMV. “If we don’t do anything else right, we hired incredible people across the board,” says Bee. “Our hiring process was great.”

How more diversity has given SNL its political edge back

If Saturday Night Live didn’t have so many black cast members, would it have been able to pull off its #OscarSoWhite parody?

Jimmy Kimmel Live becomes a teenager

Kimmel’s late-night talk show debuted 13 years ago today, on Jan. 26, 1993, following ABC’s last Super Bowl. His first guest, George Clooney, would later become Stephen Colbert’s first guest on CBS.

How Jane the Virgin‘s boss tries to make her show as authentic as possible

Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman’s writers’ room is very diverse, including one person who went through the Green Card process. “She listens to real-life experiences and pulls from all these beautiful people she loves and admires,” says Gina Rodriguez. “She listens to the things we want to be a part of and she finds a way to bring them into the art because the fusing of art and social responsibility is the most effective way to change a culture for the better. She’s a socially responsible artist, and I freakin’ love it.” PLUS: Meet Jane’s moms, and Us Magazine reports that Gina Rodriguez is dating Ben Schwartz from House of Lies.

Downton Abbey’s historical advisor calls out a “baffling” costume error on War and Peace

Alastair Bruce called out the expensive miniseries on Twitter.

Watch a trailer for Ellen Page’s Gaycation

In the Viceland docuseries, Page travels the world to learn about the LGBTQ experience.

Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events finds its Violet and Klaus

Malina Weissman and Louis Hynes won their respective roles as the two young leads on the Lemony Snicket series via an open casting call.

Presenting the world’s weirdest TV shows

From United Arab Emirates’ poetry reality show to Mexico’s Daily Show-like show where the hosts dress like monkeys,

The Flash finds its first female speedster: Trajectory

Days of Our Lives alum Allison Paige will guest on the CW series.