‘This Is Us’ vs. ‘Cloverfield Paradox’: Did the Netflix Surprise Steal NBC’s Numbers?

Ron Batzdorff/NBC & Netflix

While some viewers were more preoccupied with the actual Super Bowl, many TV fans were looking forward to the crucial This Is Us episode following the big game—until Netflix threw a wrench in that plan.

During the game, the streaming network dropped the trailer for the highly-anticipated Cloverfield prequel, The Cloverfield Paradox—and that wasn’t the only announcement. In the action packed spot, they also revealed that the film would be available to watch directly after the Super Bowl. Talk about pulling a Beyoncé!

The shocking development lead to a tense debate of “what to watch,” following the Philadelphia Eagles’ win. Some were enticed by the sci-fi offering, while others stuck to their convictions and tuned in for the NBC family drama. Either way, based on the below Twitter reactions, it was a touch choice.

So what did this mean for This Is Us‘ “Super Bowl Sunday” episode? Going by the ratings, the death of Jack Pearson didn’t have any trouble keeping eyes glued to the screen—when they weren’t filled with tears.

The big episode garnered the highest post-Super Bowl ratings in six years, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  But this all boils down to you, what did you choose when it came time to make the big decisions post-game? Let us know below!

This Is Us, airs Tuesdays, 9/8c, NBC
The Cloverfield Paradox, streaming now, Netflix