2016 TV Resolution: Write Episodic Dialogue for a Series

John P. Johnson/HBO

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Television writers are enjoying a renaissance of sorts as expanded canvases allow for multi-episode arcs, increased access to terrific actors and expanded creativity. And yet we’ve all said it a million times: “I’ve seen been better writing on a box of tampons!” (or something to that effect.) Which makes me wonder: how easy can it be to craft an episode of TV?

So as a challenge to myself, and as a means to avoid the all-too-easy hate-watching mechanism in my brain, I have decided that I will not beat the writers but join them. I vow to select a series at random, possibly one that exists outside of my binge-watching comfort zone (as much as Silicon Valley, Difficult People and You’re the Worst speak directly to me and would be tremendous fun to write for, it might make my self-assigned scribing a little too fun), and write some lines of dialogue for an imaginary episode.

But first, do I leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some Agent Carter or Jessica Jones action? Or take a stab at the zombie apocalypse for a Walking Dead offering? Or maybe take Carrie off her meds again on Homeland?

Endless possibilities!