Jimmy Kimmel Has His First Weekly Victory Over Stephen Colbert

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Jimmy Kimmel has his first weekly victory over Stephen Colbert

Aided by a Hillary Clinton appearance last week, Kimmel bested Colbert in total viewers and the 18-49 demo.

Shonda Rhimes admits to killing off a character simply because she hated the actor

Questioned by Larry Wilmore, Rhimes wouldn’t disclose which actor or actress she purposefully killed off.

ABC won’t allow 2 guys to dance together on Dancing with the Stars

The network has nixed a proposal to have an openly gay artist perform, named Who Is Fancy, while two guys dance on the Nov. 23 episode. According to TMZ, a Dancing producer responded: “Apologies all, but this is a definitive no from the network.” PLUS: Tamar Braxton quits Dancing over illness.

My Diet is Better Than Yours is coming to ABC in January

This weight-loss competition will pit celebrity trainers and their diet and exercise plans against each other, with competitors allowed to fire their diet coaches.

Empire has its 4th-lowest viewership

Last night’s episode saw another ratings drop, but the Fox drama still topped the night.

South Park’s police brutality episode turned out to be more about false empathy than racism

As Dan Caffrey points out, the Naughty Ninjas episode had “less to do with institutionalized racism (not in a direct sense anyway) and more to do with people only being compassionate when it suits them. That is to say, they’re not actually compassionate at all, which is a theme the show has been exploring all season: this idea of trendy progressivism.”

Why Bravo picked Potomac, Maryland for The Real Housewives

The surprising pick is because Potomac boasts a very wealthy enclave full of gated mansions and exclusive country clubs.

Paul Reiser is working to bring Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show to a new generation

Reiser’s project is designed to open up Carson’s archives.

Quantico recruits Eliza Coupe

The Happy Endings alum will play an FBI academy graduate who “can turn on the soap, sex and romance, but at heart she’s a hardcore career agent with countless notches in her belt.”

Did Rob Lowe kill The Grinder/Grindr joke on Jimmy Kimmel?

Watch Lowe “use” Grindr to “meet” guys.

Letterman fixture Darlene Love makes her Late Show with Stephen Colbert debut

Watch her sing Happy Birthday to bandleader Jon Batiste in celebration of the song entering the public domain.

One Life to Live alum Nathanial Marston dies following car accident

Marston, 40, passed away yesterday evening after suffering “traumatic and devastating” in an Oct. 30 car accident.