What’s Worth Watching: An Ingrid Bergman marathon on TCM for Friday August 28 and more for Saturday, August 29


Summer Under the Stars: Ingrid Bergman (Friday, Aug. 28, starts at 6 am/5c, TCM)

As Turner Classic Movies’ month-long “Summer Under the Stars” festival winds down, devoting each day this month to a different star with a 24-hour salute, one of cinema’s greatest international leading ladies, the luminous Ingrid Bergman, is celebrated on the eve of her centennial. (Bergman, who died in 1982, would have turned 100 on Saturday.)

The marathon begins with 1941’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (featuring Spencer Tracy in the dual title role) and continues with two of her 1950s movies during her European period directed by her second husband, Roberto Rossellini: Stromboli and Journey to Italy. The prime-time highlight (8/7c) is a fan favorite as TCM plays it again—by which we mean 1942’s irresistible best-picture Oscar winner Casablanca, teaming Bergman as the tremulous Ilsa with Humphrey Bogart’s gruff hero Rick. They’ll always have Paris, but we’ll always have Casablanca. It’s followed at 10/9c by 1944’s suspense classic Gaslight, which won Bergman the first of her three Oscars. Here’s looking at her—forever.

Also Saturday
Hannibal, Series finale, 10/9c, NBC
Will’s plan to stop serial killer Francis Dolarhyde involves Hannibal Lecter as an unwitting participant, despite Will’s knowing that Hannibal can’t be used in such a manner. Perhaps his brain has once again been scrambled by a case.

Saturday Sports Highlights

English Premier League Soccer 7:40am/6:40c, NBCSN, Arsenal at Newcastle
PGA Tour Golf 1/noon c, Golf Channel and 3/2c, CBS, The Barclays
Track and Field 2:30/1:30c, NBC, IAAF World Championships
NASCAR Racing 3/2c, NBCSN, Xfinity Series in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
College Football 3:30/2:30c, ESPN, North Dakota State at Montana
MLB Baseball 4/3c, Fox Sports 1, Red Sox at Mets
MLB Baseball 7/6c, Fox Sports 1, Yankees at Braves