Amy Schumer and Her Cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Team up to Speak out Against Gun Violence

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Amy Schumer and her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, team up to speak out against gun violence

In wake of the mass theater shooting in Louisiana at her Trainwreck movie, an emotional Amy Schumer held a press conference today with her U.S. senator cousin announcing a three-point plan to put a stop to gun violence: “We’re here today to say ‘enough is enough’ to mass shootings in our schools, our college campuses, our military bases and even our movie theaters,” she said.

is bringing back Heroes Reborn‘s Jack Coleman

Coleman will be appearing on both network shows in one week in September, with him reprising his role as Senator William Bracken.

CBS totally gutted the Ed Sullivan Theater for Stephen Colbert’s Late Show — Colbert’s desk on the left-hand side?

The NY Daily News reports that everything will be brand new for The Late Show launch on Sept. 8, including Colbert’s desk, which will be located where Paul Shaffer was on the left side of the stage. “Everything has been stripped down to the bones. The seats have been removed, the carpets are gone. Nothing is left except a concrete floor and exposed concrete walls,” an insider tells the NY Daily News. PLUS: Colbert releases 3 new promos, including one featuring Mitt Romney.

Sleepy Hollow
drops Headless Horseman from Season 3

“There won’t be any Headless this year,” says new showrunner Clifton Campbell. He adds that fan-favorite Joe Corbin will return to make up for the diminished cast.

Disney cooperated with American Experience’s Walt Disney film, but will get no say in how it turns out

The four-hour documentary, which will explore Walt Disney’s dark side, won’t be shown to the Disney company until it airs on TV.

Even the detectives on True Detective are having trouble following the case

In one scene last night, “It doesn’t make sense” was said at least twice. PLUS: Penultimate episode began untangling the messy storyline.

Watch the first episode of Edge, The Onion’s parody of HBO’s Vice

The online news series promises to “throw acid in the face of ignorance.”

American Crime
’s Season 2 storyline revealed

Creator John Ridley says the second season will revolve around a player on a basketball championship team who accuses his teammates of sexually assaulting him and posting photos of the incident online.

Norman Lear is still hoping for a Latino version of One Day at a Time

“I just love the idea because I don’t see enough of that representation on the air,” the 93-year-old Lear said at the TV press tour. “I don’t see it any place. There isn’t enough of it and I think it’s a rich idea.”

Jerry Rice to drop by Hawaii Five-0

The NFL and Dancing with the Stars legend will play himself in a Season 6 episode.

Halt and Catch Fire
’s second season was so good it deserves renewal

In Season 1, the AMC series tried to be Mad Men. In Season 2, it found itself when it stopped trying to be the next Mad Men. PLUS: Halt’s creators are “cautiously optimistic” about a third season.

Another Mindy Project star is coming out with a book

Ike Barinholtz’s collection of humorous essays will be released in two years.

Clay Aiken on Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy: “I don’t think anybody should discount him”

The former Celebrity Apprentice star says: “I think he has a really great opportunity even if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination to do something I think the country has needed for a long time, which is to try to break this stranglehold of the two-party system. kind of hope he decides to stick with it and maybe give people another option outside of the Republicans and Democrats.”

and Colony books Adam Busch

The Men At Work and Buffy alum will play “a sexy, gifted, avant-garde gay artist” on Empire and a science teacher on the Carlton Cuse-produced Colony.

See the Fuller House ladies back at work

Candace Cameron Bure has posted a selfie with, her Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber from the Netflix show’s set.