Hulk Hogan apologizes after WWE fires him for n-word rant

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Hulk Hogan apologizes after WWE fires him for N-word rant

The WWE legend admits to using the N-word to describe his daughter Brooke’s boyfriend. “Eight years ago,” Hogan said today in a statement, “I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it.”

Jon Stewart performs a Grease parody to explain his Donald Trump addiction

Covering Trump, says The Daily Show host, is “So. Much. Fun.”

Masters of Sex
books Judy Greer

She’ll guest as Josh Charles’ wife on the Showtime series.

Watch Funny or Die’s America’s Next Weatherman trailer

The TBS reality show will award one aspiring meteorologist with $100,000 and the chance to forecast the weather on CNN’s New Day.

Wayward Pines
creator: Season 1 finale wasn’t written with a second season in mind

“When we wrote that ending, it wasn’t necessarily so that we could have a Season 2, it was just to show that history repeats itself,” says Chad Hodge. “Obviously it seems like it leaves a window to a Season 2, but that wasn’t the reason we did it.” PLUS: M. Night Shyamalan says a Season 2 idea is being discussed, the finale showed the flaws of broadcast TV, and it was chaotic, violent and unsatisfying.

Newest X-Files teaser shows Mulder and Scully talking to each other

Watch another brief teaser for The X-Files revival.

Amy Irving to guest on The Good Wife

She’ll play an iconic photographer in a Season 7 episode.

James Corden celebrates National Hot Dog Day by working at L.A.’s famed Pink’s

The legendary hot dog stand was used for the latest installment of The Late Late Show’s Take a Break series.

Seth Meyers “exposes” Jake Gyllenhaal’s bald head

The Southpaw star was “revealed” to be wearing a wig backstage at Late Night.