Real-life Coca-Cola Ad Creator has ‘No Problem’ with Mad Men’s Don Draper Co-Opting his Vision

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Real-life Coca-Cola ad creator has “no problem” with Mad Men‘s Don Draper co-opting his vision
Bill Backer, the McCann ad man behind the iconic Coca-Cola ad, missed the series finale as he stopped watching after Season 2 because he says Mad Men had evolved into “more of a soap opera” than a show about advertising. So what did he think of Don Draper co-opting his achievement? “I think it’s fine. No problem with that,” he says, adding: “I’m certainly not Don Draper. In my day, Don Draper really would’ve been more of a contact man than a creative guy….I definitely did not look like Don Draper or dress like Don Draper.” PLUS: 7 reasons why Don wrote the Coke ad and not Peggy, Coke says “no money changed hands,” why Peggy and Stan was a bad idea, in defense of Peggy’s rom-com ending, Liz Lemon’s prediction was wrong, Don Draper was the perfect symbol of the anxieties around him, John Slattery still hasn’t watched the finale (according to Judd Apatow), in praise of the character actor who played Leonard, why the ending was so lame, the finale was like a Mad Men greatest hits album, and what’s so cynical about peace, love and Coca-Cola?

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