What’s Worth Watching: Dancing for the Mirrorball

Dancing with the Stars
Adam Taylor/ABC
Dancing with the Stars

Dancing With the Stars, The Finals (Monday, May 18, 8/7c, ABC)

Two short months ago, if you’d asked most people who Riker Lynch, Noah Galloway and Rumer Willis were, you’d have been met mostly with blank stares. (If you haven’t watched the 20th anniversary season of Dancing With the Stars, you may still be clueless.) But now these not-quite-household-name “stars” are this season’s finalists, prepping their dances—including the all-important freestyle round—for the final night of competition and voting, with a winner announced Tuesday.

Lynch (a cousin of just-eliminated pro Derek Hough and his sister/judge Julianne) and especially Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) are the most assured on the dance floor, but Galloway may well be the audience favorite, a double-amputee war vet-turned-model with serious charisma who pretty much cinched his position in the Top Three when he proposed to girlfriend Jamie Boyd on air during the semi-finals. Shameless? You bet. Manipulative? Absolutely. Dancing With the Stars revels in moments of such reality-TV gold. Will the best dancer win? When has that ever mattered?