Will Bruce Jenner Tell All to Diane Sawyer?

Bruce Jenner - The Interview
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Bruce Jenner - The Interview
Heidi Gutman/ABC

For months, the world has watched as 1976 Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner grew his hair long, donned earrings, polished his nails, divorced his wife, and appeared to be transitioning to life as a woman. The question then became which media outlet would score the reveal with the 65-year-old father of 10 (which includes his Kardashian stepchildren).

ABC’s Diane Sawyer won the honor; her two-hour special Bruce Jenner–The Interview (Friday, April 24, 9/8c) features discussions with Jenner and members of his clan. “This is a really compelling conversation about so many things, a broad look at life,” Sawyer tells us in an exclusive interview. “It’s about family and how we all live our lives.”

Sawyer, who would not use the word transgender in advance of the airing, says that she conducted several sit-downs with Jenner on both the east and west coasts, revisiting places that were meaningful to him. The former ABC World News anchor, who is now contributing long-form specials to the network, characterizes Jenner as “someone at a very strong place in life.” We’d expect nothing less from a gold medalist.