Sophia Bush Is Leaving ‘Chicago P.D.’ and #Linstead Fans Aren’t Happy

Chicago P
Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay in the Chicago P.D. Season 4 finale, "Fork in the Road." It's being reported that Bush is leaving the series.

Various outlets, including Deadline, reported Thursday that Sophia Bush will be leaving NBC’s hit drama Chicago P.D. Bush portrayed Detective Erin Lindsay for four seasons on the show.

The Deadline report indicates that there could be a chance that Bush may return for a guest-starring arc to wrap up Lindsay’s story. When the Season 4 finale aired recently, Lindsay was seen on the verge of taking a job with the FBI, before Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) could propose.

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NBC might be smart to do this, because, although it appears to be Bush’s decision to leave, there is already disappointment and even some outrage toward the show on Twitter as upset #Linstead fans, already not necessarily too pleased with how the season finale cliffhanger left things between the couple, heard the news. Here are a few of the reactions: