Oscars Defends Omitting Joan Rivers

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Oscars defends omitting Joan Rivers
Said the Academy in a statement: “Joan Rivers is among the many worthy artists and filmmakers we were unfortunately unable to feature in the In Memoriam segment of this year’s Oscar show. She is, however, included in our In Memoriam gallery on Oscar.com.”

Wesley Snipes joins NBC thriller pilot Endgame
In his first regular TV role in 25 years, Snipes will play the unflappable “pit boss” in a Las Vegas-set drama about a guy who has to compete in heroic challenges to save lives.

Early numbers show Oscar ratings were down significantly from last year
The ratings dip could be attributed to lack of interest in the best picture nominees.

Seth Meyers: I wouldn’t have disclosed Eddie Murphy’s SNL 40 rejection of Bill Cosby impression
While declining to criticize Norm Macdonald for his Twitter revelation, Meyers tells Howard Stern, “I wouldn’t of told it.” Meyers says the creative process that goes on backstage at SNL should be protected to foster that creativity. And he says it should’ve been up to Murphy whether the rejection of the Cosby impression was made public. PLUS: Meyers decided for himself not to tell Brian Williams jokes — he’s received no input from NBC.

If Neil Patrick Harris isn’t the perfect Oscar host, who is?
Harris looked poised to become the next Billy Crystal, helming many future Academy Awards. Will he get a 2nd chance? “Harris probably deserves another shot if he wants one, his past hosting gigs have been successful enough to merit that,” says Richard Lawson. “But if future producers of the show weren’t impressed enough, who do they turn to next? Harris seemed like our best hope for a new, Billy Crystal-ish perpetual host. Which isn’t necessarily what everyone wants, but when we’ve had such a dearth of strong hosts in recent years, it’d be nice to have found someone we could rely on. But judging from last night, it appears we’ll have to keep looking.” PLUS: Harris essentially wore 2 pairs of briefs for his Birdman bit.

Birdman Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu still has a Starz series in the works
Iñárritu and his three Oscar-winning co-writers are developing The One Percent, starring Ed Harris, Hilary Swank and Ed Helms, which was ordered last August. The series, revolving around a struggling farmer played by Helms, is expected to begin filming next year.

Matthew Weiner explains Mad Men‘s final season poster
“It’s designed to tell you that Don is going somewhere,” Weiner says of the poster showing Don Draper in his car. PLUS: Watch the new Nostalgia trailer.

German-born YouTube personality to star in NBC’s Cuckoo
Fiula Borg has landed the title role of the remake of the BBC Three sitcom that starred Andy Samberg.