What's Worth Watching: The Soup Is Snarky TV Comfort Food

Rob Moynihan
Dale Berman/E! Entertainment

The Soup

The Soup Friday, March 6, 10/9c, E!

It's been said that we're currently living in a golden age of television, with a plethora of rich dramas and groundbreaking comedies to choose from, and on every device imaginable. But we're also living in a time when the color of a dress can spark a national debate (#whiteandgold), llamas running free headline the news, and a blurry picture of a Target cashier can propel him to international stardom. We need a television show to break down the ridiculousness of today's modern times, and that's where E!'s The Soup comes in. The clip show provides our weekly dose of snark on current events and television milestones. This week, host Joel McHale will most likely break down the insanity of The Bachelor's Monday Women Tell All special or highlight a Survivor contestant's nude romp. Because in today's golden age of television, we need some comfort food to kick off our weekend.