‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Epic Fail Will Go Down in Game Show History

Wheel of Fortune Fail

Hey Stella,” Marlon Brando yells in the 1951 film A Street Car Named Desire. It’s safe to assume Kevin, a contestant on Tuesday night’s Wheel of Fortune, has never heard that famous line, nor is it likely he has seen or read the play by Tennessee Williams.

In what may go down as the most epic fail in game show history, with one letter left in the “Title”-themed puzzle, “A STREETCAR NA-ED DESIRE,” Kevin asked Vanna for a “k.” You read that correctly: He asked for a “k” instead of an “m,” meaning he thought the answer to the puzzle was, “A STREETCAR NAKED DESIRE.” Host Pat Sajak’s response, “No.” No indeed.

Lisa, the contestant to Kevin’s left, went on to correctly solve the puzzle and all Kevin got were these parting words from Sajak: “The nice thing I can tell from meeting you, you’re a nice guy, and I’ll bet you have really nice friends. They’re not going to make any remarks to you. They’re not going to give you any grief at all. Good luck with that.”

Sajak also wryly admitted that while Lisa got the correct answer, he would rather see Kevin’s idea of the play.

Watch the now-classic Wheel of Fortune moment below: