What's Worth Watching: Modern Family

Aubry D'Arminio
Eric McCandless/ABC

Modern Family

Modern Family, "Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister" (Wednesday, Feb. 11 9/8c, ABC)

You know her now as Brooklyn Nine-Nine's stone cold detective Rosa Diaz. But two years ago, the exquisitely droll Stephanie Beatriz guest starred on Modern Family as Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) disheveled, put upon sister Sonia, who was living a hard knock life in Colombia. Turns out that Gloria made a lifelong habit of stealing Sonia's opportunities: It was actually the latter who first (unknowingly) attracted the attention of the former's rich husband, Jay (Ed O'Neill). Gloria stepped in and we know how that ended. Tonight, Beatriz returns as the sibling scorned, who's making a special Valentine's Day visit to the Pritchetts with all that emotional baggage in tow. She's also got a sexy red dress. Revenge, remember, is a dish best served looking smoking hot.