Seven Tech Toys That Will Change the Way You Watch TV


Flying cameras, infinity TV screens, movie projectors for your home, and cars built for entertainment—last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw it all.

1. The Television: Sony XBR-65X900C
TV manufacturers, Hollywood studios, and distributors like Netflix and DirecTV announced an Ultra High Definition Alliance at CES to promote the creation of more high-def content. This 65-inch 4K Ultra HD set features an infinity screen with a barely there frame edge.

2. The Service: Sling TV
This live TV service caters to the cord-cutters and the cord-nevers (younger people who have never paid for a cable subscription). The $20-a-month launch features 12 channels, including ESPN, TNT, and CNN, playable on streaming ­devices, tablets, phones, and computers.

3. The Laptop: Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
As more computers are used to watch programming, their screens, like TVs, keep getting thinner. This Dell sports one of the thinnest (0.24 inches!) laptop screens available.

4. The Projector: Sony VPL-VW35OES
This projector employs the same tech as movie theaters to deliver four times the standard HD resolution, so you’ll get a supersharp picture even at 150 inches (measured diagonally).

5. The Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz F 015
Does having to drive safely get in the way of watching TV while you’re in the car? The lounge-like interior of this self-driving sedan (to be ready around 2030) could be the answer. And then only 30 more years, according to The Jetsons, until your car can fly.

6. The Drone: Inspire 1 Camera
A lot of the new tech is changing how we watch TV, but camera-­fitted drones are changing what we see on TV. January’s Golden Globes was the first awards show to use a drone for red-carpet coverage.

7. The Headphones: Polk Hinge
Sharing the room with someone who doesn’t share your taste in shows? These foldable wireless headphones will come in ­handy. The comfy ear pads also minimize outside noise.